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i know i'm insane! why? well i have started another new book, crazy me? i know! its just that random ideas keep popping up in my head and it just itches every time i don't put my thoughts into words, so i would request you all to give this book a chance, plese do check out 'aiza-the girl of gaza'


"aren't you a muslim? i appreciate that you are fighting against the terrorists but why do you need to kill the innocent lives too?, not all are terrorists, there are innocent people too who are your very own" i screamed at the brute in front of me.

"do me a favor and get this fact registered in your brain, i'm a muslim only by name, my nationality is america and i tend to destroy whoever comes in my way, whether they are protesting for islam in a violent way or in a silent way"

"i think you don't know the value of this religion"

"no i don't but i don't understand one thing, why are you committing suicide for them" he brought his face dangerously close to mine, i looked into his emeralds with my tired hazel ones, his had a spark to destroy everything while mine had the spark of hope...for peace one day.

"if by suicide you mean fighting for peace, fighting to preserve the beauty of islam, fighting for the innocent lives, fighting for humanity" i gave him a slight smile while his jaw clenched" then i would gladly commit suicide" that is when a hard slap came across my face and the i blacked out, allah knows what i was thinking while falling for this cold, emotionless monster.  

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