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  so i've started writing my 2nd story,love through letters, i know i haven't completed this but i promise to update both regularly. please bear with me. i didn't plan on starting that book but the idea, i felt was good and i was damn excited to share it with you people. hope you like it.  so please check out that book and i may not be able to update this week because my exams are starting but inshallah i have holidays after that, i have like 15 days of holidays, so i may update many chapters and thankyou all for reading this book but i really want you guys to vote and comment, i so want to know how you guys feel about this book and here is a short description of 'love through letters'-

  dear adeela,

 today finally, i am the ceo of my dad's company aka my company;). so how're you, hope everyone including you in your family are doing well. how are aakifa and rehan doing. hope rehan has got and likes the lego set i sent him. how i wish you were here to enjoy and celebrate my happiness today but this letter is going to reach you one day later and you won't be able to make it. why are you so far yet i feel i am strangely attached to you. why? adeela? why?

 your dearest,



anyone knows or has a penfriend? well aayan and adeela had. they were penfriends.

 a letter sent by mistake, a simple mistake in address

 both were close, yet they were...................................................far. 

 a letter attached them, each other's feelings were expressed in words. 

 though they lived in 2015, still they preferred letters

 there were ups and downs, separations, and undeniable love, deep and unimaginable admiration and hop on a journey to discover adeela khaleel and ayan burhan abdel 's story.  

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