A/N a new book!!

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 i definitely am crazy because i have started another book, c'mon its my vacations going on ;). so i have kept 'rough hearts' on hold for now and have started this new book called 'true hearts', kindly check it out, if you have time of course, will be really of help to me :) will make me smile at least!

here is the description-

he was a prince, whose name made the enemies wince

she was a princess, lost in her world of horses and dances

he was a mystery, with a story in history.

she was a puzzle, her heart burned and sizzled

he was to steal a scroll and a sword, never imagined he would fall for her every word

she trusted him, but he made her cry till the bucket's brim.

he didn't have intentions to cause her pain, he didn't cry, his tears were covered by the rain.

he wanted to make everything alright, alas he had to deal with his fate and fight.

she was immensely pained, before she knew she was chained. to what?

well read on to find out, the story of two true hearts.  

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