Are we together? by itsvaishali
Are we together?by vaishali goyal
romantic journey of a childhood couple. Arun turns into a hot ceo and shruti in a beautiful girl. After so many years they meet each other at arun's brother marriage. Wh...
  • innocence
  • indian
  • romance
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Adiza feels by Avneillover16
Adiza feelsby Vanshika
Read it ,if you like funny and romantic stories #3 in #hopeyoulikeit ,#4 in adiza. Just sharing my thoughts.
  • care
  • adiza
  • respect
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You Are My Forever  by CJSandraFred
You Are My Forever by Sandra C.J
*Credits and acknowledgement are given at the end of the story description. Thank you." The Prince- on the outside has everything, known by everyone, leading life p...
  • wangqing
  • qingyu
  • fengjianyu
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For Her Own Good. (BDSM) by LonelyGirl96
For Her Own Good. (BDSM)by Taylor
Tara was always getting in trouble. She never listened and she would never respect anyone. So, her father sent her to a boarding school. Little did Tara know that they c...
  • abuse
  • punishment
  • respect
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Blind Love (Edited) by dolphinflipper45
Blind Love (Edited)by dolphinflipper45
Landon Valentine has been blind since he was four years old. Since then, he's lived a life full of pain and isolation. All of his life, he's been longing for the kind of...
  • scents
  • love
  • landon
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Life being August Alsina's Daughter by KThugnificent
Life being August Alsina's Daughterby KThugnificent
  • care
  • death
  • respect
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Paying His Debts  by maham_nasir18
Paying His Debts by maham_nasir18
"signed it" he said "And what if I don't " I was determined "HOW DARE YOU?" "I'm sorry Mr Shehriyar Waseem but the contract don't e...
  • forced
  • ceoinlove
  • arrogent
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Sin City by HoneyBee___
Sin Cityby Honey B
Meet Cynthia Brown a young feisty firecracker that doesn't take shit from anybody and is prepared to pop off at any giving second. Cyn had no family except her crack-add...
  • sold
  • urbanfiction
  • drugs
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Natalie Latina Horan by CharlieChoccy
Natalie Latina Horanby abandoned.
Natalie Horan is an 18 year old girl who was abandoned by her parents when she was only 9 years old. She adores One Direction & is going to a signing! She is aware her...
  • zaynmalik
  • drama
  • brother
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Claiming Buccieri by ali-lee
Claiming Buccieriby Ali
The notorious Buccieri Family owns the most exclusive casino in town, and a simple chance encounter will throw Vienna into the middle of an all-out war. Vienna knows ser...
  • control
  • action
  • loyalty
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Just Can't Help It; The Sequel (BxB) by JordanXJohnson
Just Can't Help It; The Sequel ( His Fav ❤️
From the original Book "Just Can't Help It; The Chose I Made", I bring you "Just Can't Help It; The Sequel". You've witness the long struggle of Jor...
  • gắng
  • highschool
  • urbanlove
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Finding My Love by rupaabhigya
Finding My Loveby rupaabhigya
Hello guys!Back with another story.Hope you love this story too.This may be a few shots story. Enjoy reading
  • abhi
  • wattys2018
  • bulbul
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Surrender by IIJayIILovesBooks
Surrenderby Bella Esther
Amelia Soren is much beloved by the Soren's werewolf community. For twenty years, she's lived among friends and family, loved by all that's met her. A month before she t...
  • enemies
  • fantasy
  • werewolf
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Parinayanantaram by rukrish
Parinayanantaramby Ru Krish
Highest #138 in Romance 07/05/2018 Marriages are made in heaven! (I am not sure of that) But unfortunately, it's side effects; we face on Earth. And ... they resemble He...
  • respect
  • paaru
  • indian
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Little Secrets Of Our Marriage  by vaishali305
Little Secrets Of Our Marriage by VArun
Childhood sweethearts who are from two rival families gets married secretly just to save the reputation of a girl,dead girl. They fake their marriage as a part of reveng...
  • girl
  • marriage
  • respect
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Breaking His Rules by elha__
Breaking His Rulesby 💎Queen💎
Request- please do not miss out your prayers for reading my book. Don't inbox me if it's not something important I want everyone to be in peace and happy
  • afghanistan
  • romance
  • marriage
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His Second Wife by Zeinab_Bhudookan
His Second Wifeby BBNZ
A love story between Zahra and Hunayn... Hunayn being married to a beautiful lady Zahra and he loves his Zahra more than anything else but some complication arises in th...
  • weddinglife
  • youth
  • respect
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My FNAF Shipping Opinions (Continued) by AbbeyFazbear
My FNAF Shipping Opinions ( Fredbear's Cub
My opinions and mine only. Please, respect. I am not deleting this book again. I'm now stricked. More info on the first part.
  • fivenightsatfreddys
  • shipping
  • respect
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Confession of A QueenPin by LadyStaciee
Confession of A QueenPinby Lastacia
Being the most Notorious female in the game a get you hella respect and hella haters. But when you a Queenpin and you fall for a Kingpin where I'm from somebody gotta st...
  • love
  • money
  • drugs
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Humming Bird Lexa/You/Clarke story by Lost5Girl
Humming Bird Lexa/You/Clarke storyby Lost5Girl
Lexa and Clarke are in a relationship and they wish to add a young Y/n to the mix. They take on guiding, loving and caring roles for the slightly younger kid.
  • elizataylor
  • lexa
  • wattpride
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