let's start fresh

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"hello adeela assalamualaikum" my voice is cracked, and i sniff, 

"walaikumasalam, why are you crying?" her voice comes out croaked. i'm pretty sure she is crying too, but why?

"let me question you the same habibti" i reply.

"well....." she explains me a whole drama similar to mine and well shock would be an understatement.

"so i was planning to start a new life in the states, will you help me settle in?" she asks. a idea clicks into my mind.

"well adeela i have to flee too..............." i explain her mine and zubairs story from the starting. and when i don't get any reply i thought she must've gone to sleep or maybe she has hung up but no.

"er...well, we have.."

"similar stories i know" i reply with a sigh.



"what do we do?" we both say in unison and laugh even in this horrid situation.

"you know what we should fly to lebanon" airah 's voice comes from next to me. i put the phone on speaker.

"lebanon?" i ask her

"yes we can start our lives afresh plus we will have support in the starting too"

"but how is that?" adeela questions

"well one of my aunts live there, not an aunt actually we met at an art conference and we had got along pretty well, since then she has been calling me on almost every special occasions, last year remember saadia i had told you about aunt maria who invited me to the al bustan international festival?"

"um yes"

"well she is aunt maria and she is a widow, her son lives somewhere in the states and she lives all by herself, she says she needs company and thinks me as her own daughter and that is why whenever i get a chance i fly to lebanon, so what do you say?"

"sounds good to me" came addela's voice.

"so saadia?" 

"hmm pretty good, so ladies lets start packing and set our lives right" i said in a low voice because honestly all the crying had drained all my energy. i hand over the phone to airah.

"so adeela, i'll book a flight from london to lebanon, and in case we are late i'll send you the address or you can just stay in the hotel for some time, but once we are booked we will call you and mail you the flight ticket, fine? and no arguments on why i'm paying cuz if you have money in your account save it for later, we'll need it in the future, got it?" airah says.


"no buts"

"ok" adeela huffs and after exchange of salams we hang up.

"habibti i'll call aunt maria now, and head to my home to book the tickets and pack my bags, start packing your bags, we'll leave as soon as possible."

"take my account number there are some money left from what i have saved-"

"didn't you hear, i'll pay we will need that money for later on, oh wait we should make a new account and transfer our money in our new accounts, so no one will be able to trace us......" airah said as a single drop of tear falls from her eye, i wrap my arms around her and we try to console each other. after sometime airah leaves and i start packing, i put in all my necessities and my scrap book along with the photo album i have as a memory of my family. i hide the suitcase under my bed so no one sees it.

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