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assalamualaikum, so i just planned to start a new book called 'wrapped within five hearts', i updated only two chapters, so that by the end of this month it earns a few reads and votes. kindly do check it, here's the description- https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/63102416-wrapped-within-five-hearts

five brothers, one sister and one guy...........

what can be wrong in that?

have you seen the relation between soil and roots of trees? soil helps the plant to stand and provides it with essential nutrients while the roots hold the soil together so that it doesn't blow away by the harsh wind or water. something like that was the relation between the siblings.


iram idrees khan, was the apple of the eye, witnessing the death of her parents with her very own eyes left them scarred, but she has never felt emptiness because her five brothers were there to fill the space she had created around her. they never made her feel alone or left out, they always looked out for her, all their life decisions involved around her, they knew what was wrong and was right for her and thus she grew up to be a strong muslimah.

her brothers meant the entire universe to her and she wouldn't walk a step without their permission and they were ready to give her anything she ever wanted. they were like the ozone layer protecting her from the harshness of the world.basically they were like five petals protecting the center. their strong bond was unbreakable and it never withered.

now what do you think would happen if a guy enters the overprotective zone the brothers have shielded her with, who do you think would be the first one to break the layer?

the guy, iram or her brothers?

join iram in her story where she is wrapped within the five hearts of her brothers.  

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