first meet and first impression

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oooh my first story...hope you guys like it! and do vote and comment.

I woke up in the morning all grumpy,and angry and tired. I did my wudu and prayed fajr, after that i took a hot shower and wore my dress and fixed my beautiful turquoise hijab. it was already 7:30 so i hurried down the stairs and as expected my mum was in the kitchen making toasts and sausages. i kissed her on the head and said my salams. I poured myself a glass of orange juice and sat down for my breakfast. my dad joined us a little later with the newspaper and his usual mug of tea. i said salam and he returned it with a beautiful smile. suddenly  a huge thud followed by screams and shouts. oh no not again, my sister and brother had been fighting again and then my big brother zafir walked in with his hands on his ears. my mum shouted at raeef and sania and they walked in quietly. though they were 20 and 18, they still fought like kids. oh i loved my family so much..i can't imagine a day without them.

 The thing that kept bothering me and my anger was our stupid boss, though i had never seen him (and wished not to see him), he had been a pain in the neck. Always loading us with excess work, and yesterday had been the worst. everyone had less work and as i was the best worker in the team our leader left it upto me to do all the work. everyone left but poor i, poor saadia worked till 1:00am. 

my mum as usual started off again about getting zafir married and having loads of grandkids scurrying around. poor zafir, he had tried his best to avoid marriage. he was 26 and was going to take up the business after completing his studies. he was responsible, kind, caring, fun, loving, and a wee bit overprotective. he was the best brother anyone could ever have. and as he always had my back i felt his sadness and tried to protest against my mum. he was relieved when dad changed the topic.

I took a glance at the clock and asked zafir if he could give me a ride to my office. he hopped up taking his car keys and shoving his mobile in his pocket saying,"my pleasure sis." i took my purse, bid goodbye to my family and sat in his car. He started the car and thanked me to save him from the situation earlier. i  laughed and tried to tease him by showing some pics of girls my mum had chosen for him and he just groaned. we talked about random stuffs and reached my office. i waved him goodbye and told him, he needn't pick me up today as raeef would get my car back from repair and we would go to the ice cream palace in the evening.

i reached my desk and kicked farah on the way. she scowled at me but we knew we couldn't stay angry for long with each other. she told me about a meeting and that we would meet our boss a.k.a monster for the first time, she told me about how all the girls in our office were excited as they had seen his pic and kept bragging about how a prince charming he is. ughhhhhhhhhh!!!!

at sharp nine there was a call and we saved our works and headed towards the conference room. i completed some work and  went a little later. on my way i bumped into someone and fell down. this idiot man over hear was speaking on the phone and walking blindly. i shot him a annoyed look as he apologized and tried to help me up but i got up and walked away. on my way i was thinking of putting a signboard saying 'do not speak and walk in the corridor'.

i reached the conference room and took a seat beside farah. the monster hadn't arrived yet. after a few minutes a man walked in and i recognized him immediately. the same man i had crashed into.he introduced himself as zubair malik.(our one and only grumpy boss).i took a glance around the room and saw all the girls looking at him and some were whispering awws and ooooh ,so cute. aghhhh i hated this.

the meeting was over thankfully.the day went by pretty well (by avoiding any encounters with HIM).as  we had promised raeef brought my car and we drove to ice cream palace. we placed our orders and enjoyed our ice creams.

while eating my choco chip ice cream i thought about our boss. he was annoying!

he was a devil on earth from hell.!!!!!!!

zubairs POV

"umm well okay. how about lunch tomorrow?",i asked.

"perfect habibi",my cousin abdullah shouted.

then suddenly woah, ouch! someone screamed. i looked down to see that i had crashed into an angel. i couldn't take my eyes off of her and then she shot me an angry look and i quickly apologized.

i tried to help her up but she avoided it. i  knew it was my fault. she walked away leaving me there to think about her perfect features, her hazel brown eyes perfect lips and oh my what was i doing? ya allah forgive me for being so haraam.

i saw the time and quickly rushed to the conference room. when i entered the first thing i saw was her.before i could realize i was looking at her and then ashamed of myself tore my gaze away.

i was quite sad as i felt the meeting ended so fast as i still wanted to see her.the rest of the day was a restless one as i was only thinking of her. i knew nothing about her just nothing, not even her name. i just knew that she worked here.

she was breathtakingly beautiful!

she was an angel on earth from heaven!!!

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