escaping and saved

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today was friday, i was going to be released but i won't leave airah alone. she was silently crying and i was sitting here dazed at everything that happened over the past week. i was reciting surah al-duha, this has been my favourite surah over the past week. the door creaked open and the devil came in.

"oh there why are my darlings crying, saadia your dear brothers will be coming any moment now and you can go" he continued and walked over to airah and crouched down next to her,"oh look at my princess, shhh relax babe don't cry, don't worry i'll keep you safe and ensure that you enjoy" he ended this with an evil smile. ughh shivers ran down my body as airah looked up at him and gave him a 'are you serious' look.

"safe hahaha does that word exist in your dictionary? huh" she spat saliva on his face with anger disgust. uh-oh trouble big time. he looked at her, his eyes flashing and delivered a tight slap on her face which made it go red, i hurriedly rushed forward and stopped his hands by pushing it away before he could do it again. he said a few curses and then stormed out of the door. the door shut with a loud slam and everything was quite, after a while airah's sobs were heard, i calmed her down and inspected her cheeks the were red and i knew it burned as hell because when i touched it heat was radiating off that cheek.

"ya allah, why all this" she croaked out.

"drink this, and go to sleep for awhile." i gave her some water and made her lie on the bed.

"how do you expect to sleep? when i know i'm going to die..." she started sobbing again.

"no nothing is going to happen to you, okay? look at me i'm not going to leave you, shh calm down and try reciting the quran, it will help." she silently recited some verses and eventually dozed off, our immune system had become very weak. the sun was setting in the horizon and everything outside or perhaps around our room had a warm glow, all happy and jolly but inside the room we felt nothing but cold, damp and rotten.

suddenly i heard some sort of commotion outside our room and then the door clicked open slowly. there was zubair standing, his expression a mix of worry and relief at the same time. right now i was not in the right state of mind, my brain and heart didn't have time to judge whether its haraam or not, not thinking about it i went and hugged him tight, he was standing still, but eventually wrapped his arms around me pulling me close to him, i didn't care what the world would think, i sobbed hard, wetting his shoulder and i felt him crying too.

"ya haraamis, do whatever you want later, not now we have to get going and by later i also mean after you make it halal, got it?" zafir's voice filled my ears, i pulled away from zubair and hugged him next.

"okay now lets get going" another man whom i didn't recognize said.

i looked behind and saw airah sitting there with a small smile on her face." go saadia, go, don't waste your life over me, go have freedom, forget this as if it was a nightmare, forget me." she said still with a smile. i turned to zafir who looked confusedly at us.

"sorry zafir i can't leave, faaris is letting me leave but he isn't letting airah , i can't leave her like this" with this i backed away.

"i knew it something like this is bound to happen, that brat..."zubair said angrily.

"don't worry we knew something like this was going to happen, that is why we are escaping, i'll explain later, for now get you butts moving" zafir spoke in a hurry.

i and airah stood up and followed them to the left side of our room into the corridor and into a small balcony. there was a small metal spiral staircase which looked old and rusty. zafir got down and on the fifth stair he asked us to follow. airah followed him and zubair nudged me after her and so i followed her, the staircase was seriously damn old, it creaked and made rusty sounds with every step, i just hope my weight isn't too much, otherwise this will break any moment. i slowly stepped on a grey floor which was made up of wood i assume. zafir opened a door hidden in the floor and climbed down the ladder, he helped airah and i got down on my own, when we all were on a concrete floor, i saw that we were on another floor facing another corridor just like the above one. a man opened the glass door and we went in and out the front door. we then took the lift and went down to the ground floor. zafir pushed me and airah into a car and both zubair and zafir pulled out a gun. o my allah what are they doing with guns.

"what are you guys doing with guns?"airah asked my unasked question.

"we are playing water fight" came zafir's sarcastic reply, this guy can't he just answer properly.

"seriously guys...." before airah could complete we heard gun shots from the top most floor of the building. zubair, zafir and the other man ran inside, i was sensing danger, i had to stop them. i tried opening the car doors but they won't budge. ya allah protect them.

zubairs pov

today was the day, we reached the building and as planned divided ourselves into 2 groups raeef and ali with two other agents disguised as faaris's men went inside and zafir, another agent and me took the lift to the floor below faaris's apartment or pent house, we climbed a ladder and then a staircase which lead us to a small balcony as predicted and planned. there was a guard at the balcony door the agent tiptoed behind the man and grabbed his gun, i sprayed the pepper spray on his face and he coughed and then eventually fainted. ya allah i'm sorry,i have never done anything like this my whole life. zafir quietly slid open the glass door and spotted two other men guarding a door, we tiptoed and and after a couple of sprays they fainted, i took the keys from a mans pocket and opened the door to see airah sleeping on the bed and saadia stood there near the window staring at me, relief washed over me and her face broke out into a huge grin, in a blink of an eye she was there her arms tightly wrapped around me, there was a tingling feeling all over my body, i was shocked to say the least, slowly i wrapped my arms around her and cried, she too was crying. without wasting any more time we escaped the building, then we heard gunshots and as planned we went up.

it was time for some action i guess.

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