rough day

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most of the people wake up and say,"good morning" but a girl like me would say to herself,"oh dear welcome to another bad morning and a rough day" i was tired and so irritated by seeing that stupid face, i didn't want to wake up. but i couldn't deny my prayers so woke up, took a shower and prayed fajr. my mom called me down for breakfast and i lazily dressed up taking very slow steps towards the staircase. if one day also i missed my office without any grave reason my mom would make a big fuss and eventually i had to work in the kitchen.

my siblings were already at the table, gulping down chocolate pancakes. i took a seat beside sania facing zafir. they said their salams and i returned it like,"wa-aa--laa-i-iii kuuuummm asalam". they looked at me surprised because i was usually the first one to wake up in the morning and the most active one too.

raeef had a mischievous smile on his face and then when my dad went to the garden and he made sure my mum wasn't listening. he whispered loud enough for my other siblings to hear ,"hey so till what time did you chat with him?" and when he saw the confused look on my face he let out a low chuckle and said,"i meant by your boss-zubair".i choked on the pancake i was eating and my very own siblings though seeing me choke were laughing.

i felt like making raeef my punching bag. so i took my revenge by kicking both zafir and sania with my heels and splashed  the glass of juice on raeef's face. i said salaam to my mum and dad and shot an angry look at raeef and just walked out of the house.

the good thing was that the traffic was light otherwise i would have met with an accident by now. i reached the office and saw farah eating white chocolates. she saw me and hid the box, she knew i couldn't bare milk chocolates anywhere near me.the 3 things i hated the most were white chocolates, hot veggie soup and obviously our 'boss'.

she sensed my anger and asked me what was the matter. i told her everything in detail and heard her giggle. oh great. my very own friend had joined my siblings army which was continuously attacking me by teasing and taunting.

i glared at her and i went back to my work.after sometime the peon informed me that our dear boss(koala-it would be an insult to the koala bear too) had summoned me. i went to his office and as he was new to the office in our city he had to find a new secretary and as linda told him that i was one of the best employee, he told me to work for some days under him, sorting out things properly until he found a secretary.

just so great. i knew linda kept telling how her group had the best workers and boasted about me, i didn't like it and she had told this in front of our boss who was expectantly looking at me for an answer. i hesitantly told yes and he gave me a warm smile(aghhhh). he pointed out to some files which meant i had to work an hour extra. the day was just too..........bad.

i worked, worked and worked. i drove crazily and somehow made it to my home. i didn't even eat dinner. and just bang, i hit myself on my bedroom door and there i was laying on my bed after a rough, irritating, embarrassing day.

zubair's pov

oh my what a merry morning. i thank allah  everyday, and every night for showing me dreams of that beautiful face. i don't feel like waking up at all and continue to see the dreams he has blessed me with but i have responsibility and work to carry out everyday.

so without feeling lazy or grumpy, i woke up with full of energy and hope, hope to see her face once more today. i prayed fajr and got ready to leave for office.

my brother zaahir was still fast asleep and my sister aadila had already left for college. i ate my breakfast and said goodbye to my parents and left the house.

i reached the office a little late and started going through the files. i realized that i would be needing a secretary to sort things out and following some days were very important and i'm sure it would be hard to find any secretary in this short period of time. so i decided to appoint someone of my company for sometime to work under me till i appoint a new secretary.

i was at the office kitchen and overheard linda talking about how her group was progressing faster than the other and she had the best members in her group and when i saw her groups stats, indeed it was progressing faster than the others.

so i called her and asked who was the best workers, she gave me a list and when i saw saadia's name on it i asked linda about her and she told that she was a hard worker and so i asked the peon to call her.

after some time she appeared and i told her about my problem and luckily she agreed, oh my this was indeed an amazing day. i didn't want her to work very much so i pointed to a short pile of files and i would do the rest.

i went home late but that didn't really matter because i was very happy and excited as for at least some days i would be working with her. 

after doing so much of work, i was tired and hungry and so i ate like a beast. after that i prayed ishaa and took a hot shower, and went to bed. i was beyond happy today and i wished allah had good dreams in store for me to see. ah! that beautiful face.

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