the nightmare hasn't ended

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darkness is all i could feel around me, i slowly opened my eyes, but regretted it, sharp white light bled through my eyes sending a shrill pain up my brain and increasing my already bad headache, i blinked for sometime and then slowly adjusted my eyes, there were machines everywhere, and this stupid beeping sound added to my headache, the foul smell of medicines surrounded me and my there was something attached to my wrist which made me uncomfortable, my throat was burning and my lips were chap, i tried to get up but my back was aching too. suddenly a lady appeared from nowhere in a white coat. she touched my forehead and did some other things and scribbled in her clipboard.

"she is awake, send them in" with that she smiled at me and walked out.

zafir and farrah entered, they helped me sit up, and gave me a huge bear hug.

"ya allah, allahmudullilah you are fine" farrah cried and hugged me again.

"what happened?" i asked in a cracked voice.

"here drink it" zafir gave me a glass of water which i gulped down greedily.

"habibti you had a nervous breakdown" farrah said.

nervous breakdown, i tried to recall all past events, then it hit me hard like a harsh wave, cafe, zubair, bullet, shot, i love you......... i started crying.

"shhhh its okay everything is alright" zafir tried to calm me but i pushed his hands away.

"what do you mean by everything is alright?, nothing is fine, everything is wrong" i cried harder.

"where is zubair? how is he? i want to see him." with that i started removing the needle from my wrist. farrah stopped me immediately.

"no not now you are not inthe condi-"

"well i don't care let me go"

"calm down"

"how is he?" i screeched. zafir and farrah exchanged worried glances.

"lets talk about this late-"

"aha i know he isn't alright, please take me to him, please" i pleaded. raeef entered the room with a solemn expression, he saw me and gave me a small smile.

"allahmudullilah you are good, doc says to take you home, its not good for you here at this moment.........."he looked at zafir and nodded.

"no no no i wanna see zubair once" i pleaded once again.

"you will but later, your condition is not stable yet, and you need some homely care, and the doctor has strictly prohibited anyone from seeing him, at this moment, please saadi, listen and c'mon, i promise to bring you again when you are completely fine, there are chances of you having another breakdown, that is why come lets go" raeef said but i wanted to see zubair at any cost. a doctor came in, checked my pulse, removed the saline and farrah helped me change into some f my home clothes.

i took zafir's support and walked out slowly, limping and i searched around for zubair but zafir pushed me in the lift to the parking lot, we then drove away, as soon as i reached home my mum engulfed me in a hug, i sat there quietly drinking my soup, after i finished with it i had the urge to take a shower.

"saadia if you see airah anywhere in your room scold her for not bringing your clothes, its good that i had clothes from the shopping" i laughed at farrah. i went up and opened my room door, i saw airah near the windowsill, her head between her knees, curled up in a ball and muffled cries could be heard. i went over to her and crouched down.

"what happened, why are you crying?" i asked her, she looked up at me, her eyes blood red.

"saadia are fates are completely and totally cracked up" i looked confused at her.

she handed me a piece of paper.

"the nightmare hasn't ended saadia, it hasn't" se looked at me and started sobbing again.

i unfolded the letter and started reading

oh hey there

remember me, of course you do, well i'm faaris, what did you think you nimbwitts will escape the faaris, huh? sadly you didn't. if you think i can't do anything from here then you are wrong sweethearts, look i'm sending this letter from here. hahaha, well listen, i heard zubair was shot? well is it true, oh yes it is, wanna know who did that, drumrolls, faaris's men  hahahahaha, well in case you don't know, not all my men have been arrested, some are still roaming free, so the way you have ruined my life i too will do it to yours, like today it was zubair, tomorrow it might be your brothers, your parents or even airah's parents or family, so you see i'm not that bad, i am giving you both a chance to flee from here, never again try to get in contact with your family, or else you'll see one by one of your family dying, you and airah will go away from here. i want you to suffer more pain than death. don't go show this to anyone, not the police, otherwise just remember my men are following your family like shadow, one order and bam!

my whole body went numb, the letter fell from my hands and i broke down in sobs, stupid faaris, i want to find the jail he is in and strangle him to death. how my life was before and look at how it is now. i looked at airah to see her in a daze.

"any idea what do we do?" i asked her.

"for the safety of my family, i will flee, the pain will be unbearable, but not as much as losing a beloved one" tears rolled down her cheeks.

"hmm we should leave london as soon as possible, but where do we go?" i asked, just then my phone rang. i checked the caller id it was my friend adeela, i picked up the call, never knew one phone call would change our fates. 

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