we need a plan

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zubairs pov

saadia and raeef seem to be so depressed, anyone would if they were in their condition, i mean losing a friend is just so damn painful, i know it because i too had lost one of my dear friends to bloody cancer. i cried for days and refused to eat, i completely shut the world and confided myself in my room, drawing graffiti and breaking multiple things. my parents got me into a rehabilitation center where i recovered slowly.

at the walima when i saw saadia enter through the doors, she looked around probably searching for her cousins, but then suddenly her eyes stopped at something or someone, i followed her gaze to meet faaris dancing to the beat, could it be that they.......no no...she is only mine. well being possessive i know but can't help it. but then her facial features seemed so strange they were a mix of shock and hatred, her cheeks stained with tears. i wanted to walk to her and ask but raeef noticed her and he quickly made her way towards her. then they conversed, with saadia pointing at faaris, and then she pulled raeef with her to a corner, airah and farrah followed them too, both of them having the same disgusted looks. when i first met this faaris guy, i got bad vibes, he seemed like a masked man like a devil in disguise. when i saw the siblings crying i made my way to them and asked them the matter, first they hesitated but i got to know it anyhow, and after that the bad vibes for faaris turned million times worse, how ruthless, cruel can a person be?

i was sorting out some files while thinking of how to get that bloody brute arrested, i had to send him to jail, but there was no proof, i mean saadia and some other guy were eye witnesses but that wasn't enough to prove him guilty and now the situation was worse seeing that he was a fiance to their cousin. i feared only one thing, about the safety of saadia. just then there was a knock on the door.

"come in"

saadia walked in with some files and her laptop, she was working on the new designs, linda had assigned her but knowing her condition, i offered to cancel and give the assignment to someone else but the strong and stubborn girl she is she refused and did it on her own. i admired her determination and dedication towards her work. it made me kinda proud. she smiled a genuine one though her smile did reach her eyes they weren't sparkling like they used to, slight dark circles under her eyes clearly showed she was damn depressed.

she put the files on my desk and set her laptop in front of me showing me the designs, i must agree the designs were beautiful, and so delicate and all the details were minutely seen and they were flawless. after the presentation got over she gave me the files with further details of the designs.

"mashallah i must say they are beautiful."

she blushed and muttered a thanks

i tried to tease and ease her state and so continued, "but alas their beauty couldn't surpass yours" at this she blushed harder and her eyes were wide in shock, the look was adorable.

"uh um well thanks and oh yeah raeef has called in for a meeting today" she tried to change the topic. i nodded my head, i knew it was regarding the faaris matter, even he too was worried about his sister and cousins especially airah, it seems he got the bad vibes that faaris has the bad eye for airah. he discussed it only with me as he didn't want the girls to get panicked.

"today we have to break it to zafir, no matter what his reaction would be" she added slowly.

"hmmm we need to get that piece of idiot in the jail as soon as possible but are you sure there are no other evidences or clues that might just help us" i asked her.

"not that i know of, that night only me and ali were the eye witnesses, the police didn't see him."

i sighed. "oh okay so when is the meeting"

"at 5 pm at a mary's baked heaven" she replied.

"okay then meet you there" she said and walked out with one or two tears rolling down her cheeks, i guess she must be remembering that horrifying night at the mention of it. stupid me. it seriously hurts to see her in so much pain, if this is love then i'm proudly saying that yes i'm 6 feet down in love.

saadia pov

"raeef where the hell are you, for allah's sake pick me up. you promised." great my car was again gone for repair, i seriously should work on my anger and driving skills.

"sorry sis can't i'm stuck in a traffic which is 1 hour away from your office and i'm already heading off to the cafe which is on the opposite side, wait zubair is coming right? ask him, come along with him." he said through the phone, this ugly piece of walnut, ugh i hate raeef.

"okay then salam" before i could say anyhing, he hung up. what a lovely brother i have. huff. now how the hell will i ask zubair.

"hey there any problem" a deep masculine voice asked from behind me, i turned around to be met by the familiar scent and hazel eyes, no doubt it was the hands-er- ugly i mean zubair.

"um well my stupid brother had to pick me up as my car has gone for repair and now he can't come because apparently he is stuck in the traffick." he chuckled.

"oh i see, lemme drop you" he told. well good i didn't have to ask for it.

"okay then"


the car ride was silent, a comfortable one though, he was humming and it was ador--annoying, what is happening to me, like all the other girls, i'm noticing every single detail of him. i'll seriously go mad.

we reached our destination and made our way inside, raeef was smirking at me and i knew that he could've picked me up. total ass. ataghfirullah. airah was doodling with the tissue paper and zafir and farrah were engaged in a conversation. we went towards the table and exchanged our salams. i sat beside airah, i looked bad but she was worse, she knew and felt that faaris has the bad eye for her.

"so folks why a sudden meeting. zubair are you gonna declare that you are gonna marry saadia huh?" zafir spoke cutting through the silence, another bloody ass. astaghfirullah, i was probably looking like a tomato. i looked up to find zubair's neck and ears red, and then he slapped zafir playfully on the arm.

"um no its regarding something very serious that you must know zafir" farrah told him.

"so what is it?" he looked at us with confusion written over his face.

"its about faaris, your friend"

"what about him?" he asked curiously.

"so who is gonna break it to him?" raeef asked.

"wait what is going on" zafir questioned looking all puzzled.

"i'll tell him" i told and then told him everything that happened on that terrible night. by the end zafir was red, hatred, disgust, shock and anger written all over his face.

"what he , i'm not gonna let him see the daylights of tomorrow" he spoke coldly through gritted teeth and got up. farrah stopped him, "no habibi, we need to deal with it in a peaceful way, where no one would be harmed except him." farrah spoke the last part with boiling anger.

"we need enough evidences and most of all ali" airah spoke for the first time.

"but eye witnesses aren't enough to prove him a criminal, we need a strong evidence, i suggest we go back and search the warehouse, if anything is left, just maybe something" zubair spoke.

"yes we should do that i guess" i told them agreeing we should actually go search, just hope is left in this matter.

"we need to search, we need evidences, we need ali, we even need to break off this engagement of rabia and faaris first in a peaceful manner, but most of all we need a plan" raeef said in deep thoughts. everyone else nodded their heads in agreement. indeed we need a damn good plan and so we started planning.

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