a long way( an islamic love story)[COMPLETE]

a long way( an islamic love story)[COMPLETE]

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chasing dreams By another_bookworm_ Completed

he liked her, she hated him, apparently for silly reasons.

he respected her but she couldn't bare him around her.

he loved her with all his heart and she was unaware of this.

so what happens when she too starts falling for him and then finally when they realize their love for each other there comes a twist or rather she gets kidnapped by someone in her past who was long forgotten but there he came back to take what was his. 

saadia khan,23, a very hardworking and religious girl who loves her family and work more than anything. What she hates? white chocolates,hot veggie soup and her boss!

zubair malik,25, a rich business man and a family person.his family is his top priority. what happens when zubair meets saadia? does he fall in love? do they fall in love!!??

what happens when saadia gets kidnapped? will zubair be able to track her down?