embarrassing moments

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time flies by so fast,doesn't it?today is zafir and farrah's nikkah. if i don't get up now then the consequences are gonna be very bad, you know perks of having a punctual mum. i got up and showered, i slipped into my beautiful ghagra and the smell of chicken kebabs filled my nose. i have to go down before raeef my sneaky brother has my share too.

my whole family was scattered all over the dining and living room.by 'my whole family' i meant my 5 aunts and uncles(these are just some, rest all are at a hotel)and my 12 cousins out whom 5 were already married and had millions of kids. a small tug on my sleeve pulled me out of my thoughts. it was mini adiba (my youngest cousin, adiba khalto's daughter). she was 5 years old and a cutie pie.

"hey sweety sup'" i said

"nothing saadia aapi just that ur mum was calling you for breakfast and told me to tell you that raeef bhai is already at the table"she told in her adorable baby tone. oh shit raeef-my kebabs-noooooooo!!!

i rushed to the dining room and was just in time to notice raeef trying to take one of my kebabs. i walked towards him and before he could put it in his mouth i snatched it and popped it into my mouth.

"hey that was my kebab"

"excuse me mr.idiot i saw you taking it from my plate"

"shit caught red handed",he muttered giving me his goofy grin.

my mom came in and then uh-oh. it was already 10 am and unfortunately the nikkah was going to be around sometime in the afternoon and she was angry because i didn't do that much of make-up and the make-up artist had already arrived. i quickly made my way to the huge hall room where all my cousins were busy getting dressed and there were two make-up artists doing their make-up.

"saddddduuuuu" someone screamed in my ears.

"shizzzzzzuuuuuu" i responded back in a higher pitch to my crazy stupid cousin, shazia, who was from australia.

"gosh sleepy head cannot believe you slept till 9:30 am. i was waiting for you and idiot you you locked the door, i thought of pouring water on you!" she said.

"hahaha good next time also i'll keep my door locked" she lightly smacked my arm and we proceeded to get our make-up done.

after half an hour or so i and shazia were busy preparing desi samosas( with onion filling). the nikkah would be in an hour or so. after we were done the men left for the mosque with zafir and the women to a hotel which was booked for both the families which had millions of people in them.

i met farrah in the bride's room and she looked absolutely stunning in her pink traditional dress. i myself was wearing pink to match with her. she had the most beautiful smile on her face and her face was radiant and glowing with joy. zafir was quite nervous but i told him to chill, its just a marriage overall. farrah too was nervous as her palms were sweating even when the air conditioner was on.

after sometime her parents came in for her consent, me and her cousins quietly left the room. i was standing near the door and heard a yes followed by muffled cries. i guess this was the hardest time in life for any parent or daughter, to part with a precious part of the family who used bright up the whole household and now she would be doing the same in another household. a small tear escaped my eyes when i thought about my own marriage, if it happens inshallah.

the men came to the hotel after the nikkah was done. it went quite smoothly. i had a glass of juice in my hand and was holding my phone in the other one when farrah texted me for some help with her dress, stupid me was texting her back without knowing where i was walking and bam!, i collided with a rock hard chest and oops! my mango juice fell all over him. when i looked up i saw the one and only zubair. just great, why do i always manage to bump or spill something on him. he looked quite handsome and cute in his black suit......astaghfirulla!...ya harami you just now spilled juice on him and you are thinking all haram things now. my mind spoke. i was waiting for his reaction but not the least bit angry, this guy never gets angry or something?

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