"I can explain, I swear"

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A/N: Jenna x Reader

Summary: Y/n and Jenna have been dating for a couple of months and when Jenna realises that Y/n's becoming more distant, she tries to talk to Y/n and invite her over but Y/n denies, quickly hanging up. Jenna goes to see her to find out her secret + cute moments <3



Jenna's POV:

I wake up to feeling a kiss on my left cheek then my right cheek then my forehead then the bridge of my nose, I smile and wrap my arms around her neck.

"Good morning, darling." I hear Y/n say to me, my eyes flutter open and I see Y/n smiling down on me,

"Good morning." I reply, wrapping my legs around her waist and clinging onto her, hearing her laugh. She rests her hands on my back and sits up, groaning before sitting down, comfortably and she brings the covers over me. I tuck my head into her neck, still really tired. "How'd you sleep?" I ask her, softly.

"It was okay," She dismisses, placing a kiss on my head. "but I am in a desperate need of a shower and I am hoping..." Her hands move under my t-shirt and she traces circles on my waist, my hips buck toward her and I can hear the smile, "you wanna join me?" she offers, I nod my head, placing a kiss on her neck.

"Mm-mm." I agree,


"Yeah, let's do it. Let's brush our teeth first." I tell her, going to get up but she pulls me back down, I smile and turn to her, seeing her place a kiss on my neck and trail short, languid kisses down. "Y/n." I say, chuckling. "Come on, let's do it." I say, smiling widely. She rests her head on my chest and hugs me tightly for a moment that I return before unravelling her arms from mines.

"Okay, let's go." She replies, making me laugh. She follows after me and we brush our teeth then go for a shower together, her putting shampoo in my hair, running her hands through my hair then helps me rinse it out. She puts the conditioner on and then we wait 5 minutes and as we wait 5 minutes, I put shampoo in her hair and help her rinse it out. I put conditioner in her hair and run my hands through her hair, making sure it settles in; it's then my turn to rinse my hair and once we're done with both of our hairs. Y/n can easily just dry her hair by moving a towel through it and just moving the towel around her hair as she has short hair. I need to dry my hair but thankfully I brush through it and Y/n does most of the work.


Right now, Y/n's cooking breakfast shirtless as she hates cooking with a t-shirt on. Why? I don't know either but I get to see her hot back muscles so I'm not complaining. I wrap my arms around her waist from behind and place a kiss on her shoulder blade. I see her smile, turning her head halfway. I feel her hand move around my waist and move me in front of her, I smile and move in front of her.

"Whatcha cooking?" I ask her, glancing back at the food.

"Well, I want pancakes and bacon with from fruit, I don't know about you. I can make pancakes for you?" She offers, I nod my head and her music stops, she was listening to Chase Atlantic and I can't remember what song it was but she listens to it all the time, her face falters as if it was a mask and she looks down at me, "Uh, can you take over for a moment?" She asks me, I nod my head.

"Yeah, of course, is everything okay?" I ask her,

"Yeah, it... it should be." She replies, quietly, heading into the living room and looking out the window while answering the call. What's going on? "Hey, is everything okay?" I hear Y/n ask, her voice more softer and less her suave, silky voice. Hm... "Okay, well— yeah, I know but— okay, what the hell? Are you serious?" She asks, progressively angrier, I pick up the pancake and look underneath to see it's fine, I set it on the tray and pour more, glancing back. She's hot when she's angry. "Are you fucking serious—? You know what, no, I'll pick up your slack you piece of shit, thanks for the warning." She replies, getting off the phone and sighing, resting her head against the wall. "Jenna." I hear her say,

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