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Dire by HecDaevis
Direby #BlackLivesMatter
Keane has a supernatural gift, so he's forced to train as an SAU Agent. Unable to escape, he's determined to graduate and to keep his partner, Neal, safe. ...
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Love Song From The Devil (BoyXboy ) by LoveXhormone
Love Song From The Devil (BoyXboy )by Phantom Bitch
Ethan is a high school guy who is weak in studies and bullied by jocks. But he is a stubborn ass and is not willing to give up easily at anything.But after an encounter...
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Endling by inferiorwit
Endlingby Kit Walker
Asha Reed wants a fresh start, and Project Oasis is exactly that: a program to establish the first colony on Mars. As their ship, Frontier, departs from Earth, Asha-and...
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He never loved You [Warrior Cats] by TheCEF
He never loved You [Warrior Cats]by C.E.F.
Darkstripe has a painful realization he never loved me A series of short, Darkstripe related things that I done and wrote.
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Parallel Lines » Larry Stylinson by rachaellovesfood
Parallel Lines » Larry Stylinsonby R∆CH
Parallel Lines. Two lines moving side by side, never touching, never meeting.
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Quiet [Scomiche] by HeyLittleRichGirl
Quiet [Scomiche]by Hi! My Name Is
In which Mitch is weird, Kirstie is gender fluid, and Scott has anger issues.
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Its Complicated by garcela12
Its Complicatedby Ashley C. German
My name is Jacqueline Talent. And I'm in love with my best friends sister -------------------- Sarah P.O.V. My chest heaved and my face was drowned in sweat making my ha...
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The Story Of A Gay Boy by Rkatsu77
The Story Of A Gay Boyby Rkatsu77
A story of romance, deception, betrayal and bullying, what else could be better? The Story Of A Gay Boy, a story about a boy named Zion who goes through, well, it is sim...
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Validity (LGBT Stories) by dementorspromdate
Validity (LGBT Stories)by DPD
This is a book of short stories telling of people in the lgbt+ community who have struggled with their gender, sexual orientation, or any other part of them. These are a...
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He's Not Afraid (Larry Stylinson) by burningthehorizon
He's Not Afraid (Larry Stylinson)by Katarra
They're in love. It's obvious to anybody who watches. Harry has empty promises. Louis has fears. Can they overcome the judgement of the world?
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Queer-ish by pandanpenguin
Queer-ishby Em
This book follows the lives of 8 very different queer kids, providing various perspectives on coming out, sexuality, gender orientation, homophobia, and home lives. Capt...
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The Secret Lives of Fireflies by inadistantworld
The Secret Lives of Firefliesby Nikolai
We all know the story about Devon and Sara, two big loves in the city of Seattle. (Or maybe you don't, if not, maybe you'd like to read Cravings?) But this isn't a story...
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The Girl that Sits by Me (GirlxGirl) by yesh_peppar
The Girl that Sits by Me (GirlxGir...by yesh_peppar
All righty, I'll give a quick introduction. Names Alan, yes, I know, a boys name, but I'm a girl, so keep that in mind. Um, I play soccer and hockey. Gots lots of guy f...
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A Girl & Some Galaxies by mynameisnotalana
A Girl & Some Galaxiesby lana
Mabel never understood love stories, so she doesn't read them. Mabel also doesn't really understand how to speak, so she's finally taught herself how to keep her thought...
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Omega Blues (Gay Romance) by WillowScarlett
Omega Blues (Gay Romance)by WillowScarlett
Being a werewolf has always felt like a curse to Bren, even after he's let into a friendly pack of mostly-humans led by his alpha nephew Will. The Jagged Rock Pack are...
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A Recipe for Evil by Rosedolly
A Recipe for Evilby Rosedolly
Amy has enough of being mocked and tortured by her classmates. After finding out that her biggest tormentor, Myriam, is a closeted lesbian, she decided to take a revenge...
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➳❥The Storm & The Rainbow❥➳ (girl×girl) by briilovaback
➳❥The Storm & The Rainbow❥➳ (girl×...by •× вrιaнna ו
A teenage princess falls in love, but not with a boy.... with another girl. Both of their royal families hate each other; the Amor family, and the Musoke family. The tee...
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Compass (Girlxgirl) by nevermindimfinex
Compass (Girlxgirl)by Kit
When Andrea Mills finds her North-- her other half, or her soulmate,if you wanna get cheesy-- she'll have to decide whether giving the relationship a try is worth it. L...
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I Bestow Myself Before You (Teen Lesbian) by GayFlannel
I Bestow Myself Before You (Teen L...by GayFlannel
If God isn't on your side who is? Quinn, a eighteen year old lesbian, struggles to accept herself when the holy bible and her family hold all odds against her. She plan...
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