Chapter 26

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Their face continuies getting closer to my face and my whole body is paralyzed and drenched in cold sweat. My hands are shaking violently, I can't scream. The eyes stare at me for awhile longer, almost piercing me as if they were daggers. Then I feel warmth against my lips and my body being pressed against the door, actually pressed it too light of a word, my body is being crushed against the door. I can feel every detail of their body, it's definitely a man, I can feel it, if you don't know what I'm talking about, trust me, its a dude. Every fiber of my being is screaming, wanting to be free of his grip. I start to push back only to be returned with more force. I move my head to the side instead, and I feel his lips graze my cheeks. "Whats wrong...'sweetie'." A low sarcastic voice breathes into my ear only to proceed to nible it. I can feel my blood pumping, all systems in my head blaring. I am consumed with rage,"...sweetie..? SWEETIE???" I whisper-scream in his face. He loosens his grip against my body as I start to loose it, "I NEVER gave you permission to TOUCH ME in ANY WAY! I do NOT BELONG TO YOU." I yell-whisper at him. A few seconds of silence follow just to be interrupted by him chuckling. "Ha oh but you've already been given to me." He says as he starts to lean in again for another taste but I get even more enraged by his response. I lift up my arms and push him with all my might, "GIVEN?! BY WHO?! NO ONE HAS EVER OWN ME." I continue whisper yelling, when I hear him cracking up and slapping his knee... this is sickening.

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