Chapter 14: Icecream Is So Punk Rock

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We finally make it to lunch and eat. (Obviously) Keith looks at me,"Wanna hang out during free period today?" he asks happily. I smile,"I don't know Dalton asked to hang out first but I can ask if you can come!" I reply. I take a sear next to Dalton,"Hey Dalton, can Keith hang out with us in free period? If not I totally get it." I ask. His face gets a little red,"I was kinda hoping we could hang out, just us." he replys. I get it, Keith and Dalton constantly hang out they must get sick of each other once in awhile. I nod with a smile on my face and go report to keith,"He said he just wanted it to be me, I'm sorry, How about tomorrow?" I ask. Keith nods his head,"I gotta go now, bye Ashe." Keith says in a rush as he escapes. What was that about? That was not smooth.

I wait outside for Dalton. I wonder what are we gonna do? Brrr...There is a wind ugh I thought maybe we had a few more days of summer... I really should've brought a jacket. I could go grab one. I start to head back when I see Dalton leaving from the doors, dammit. He comes outside with a flannel, lucky... He runs up to me,"Hey Ashe ready to hang?" He asks. I smile and nod when a harsh wind blows and I cross my arms. "Cold?" Dalton chuckles as he hands over his flannel. I shake my head,"Oh no Dalton I can't make you do that because then I'll owe you." I laugh. "I guess you owe me one, I'm not letting you freeze." He laughs. He tries to make me take the flannel so I shake my head and cross my arms. He looks at me and just places his flannel on my face."You're technically wearing my flannel, ha you owe me one." he teases. Taking the flannel off my head and on my body I mumble,"You cheated though..." He just smiles at my response. "So what're we doing?" I ask. "Well I was thinking icecream?" Just what I wanted to hear. I pump my fist in the air,"Hell yes." I say. We head off to the icecream parlor.

((A/N: Only a few more chapters till we get to the intense scenes.))

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