Chapter 22:Now We're Getting Somewhere Punk?

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A few hours later**

"The best thing bout tonight's that we're not fighting." the band sings beautifully. I'm sitting in a chair watching the newlywed slow dance and the soon to be wed (Allan and Erin) do the same. Couples are so cute, but they make you feel like shit. I sigh and close my eyes, imagining what it would be like to be in love... their arms holding me tight... its a nice thing to think about but its 1. unrealistic and 2. too much work.

I finally open my eyes to see Keith with his arm stretched out towards me,"May I have this dance?" He asks in a low smooth voice. I grab his hand,"Yeah bitch." He laughs as we head out onto the dance floor. We dance for hours, making fun of Erin and Allan having a successful relationship, making stupid faces and stupid jokes and just laughing. By the end I'm resting my head on his shoulder, and he's telling me how his mother forgot who he was once when he got a haircut, so thats why he keeps it long, while giggling I look up into his eyes and he smiles at me, then my stomach gets all weird and stuff. I don't what, why, stomach no. I start to talk "Keith I th-" Suddenly parts of the ceiling come crashing down.

The ceiling is falling so I grab Keith's hand and run. I find what seems like a safe spot and find my team. I motion over towards Erin and Dalton and they come running over. One final huge chunk of the ceiling comes down obliterating anything underneath, on top of the chunk is a person. Wearing a black cloak I can't see anything about them at all. I stare at the person and they suddenly turn to me and stare back. I look away hoping that they would too. I look back up and the cloaked person has moved towards, Mrs. Stone-Harper. I hear them talking to eachother but I can't make out any words. The cloaked human then grab Mrs. Stone-Harper by the neck, thats it. I sprint over to them.

I make it over and I hear Mrs. Stone-Harper making choking noises I kick the cloaked person in the knees so that they colapse to the ground, dropping the bride. Looking up to me the cloaked fiend slaps me across the face sending me to the floor aswell. They stand up, and as I try to stand up too they step on my stomach,"You are such a idiotic child, who do you think you are? Superman, batman, spiderman?" They grab me by my neck then throw me againts the wall. I slide down and fall limp against the wall "You're not. You're just a little kid." They kick me in the stomach. "Know your place." I flinch in pain still keeping my eye on the person.

They walk back over to Mr and Mrs Harper and continue arguing. I see the cloaked person hit Mrs. Harper in the back of the head then knee Mr. Harper in the gut. I stand up and run back at him when someone wraps their arms around me tightly, "Stop he'll just hurt you even more." Erin pleads. I wriggle my way our of her arms and continue running towards the cloaked villan. they turn around swiftly anticipating my attack and grab me by my hair. "You've got guts, but that doesn't mean anything to the world. Train, I want to find an opponent worthy of my time, you have the guts but not the strength." They start to loosen their grip and I grab their arm and peirce my nails into their soft flesh. "Why're you doing this? What is the meaning?" They look down at me and I see their sharp violet eyes before they throw me to the side then cackle. Smoke suddenly appears, and once it evaporates they're gone.

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