Chapter 20: Weddings Can't Be Punk Rock.

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*Keith's P.O.V*
So me and Dalton have been sitting here for quite awhile, in our robes I might as well add. I don't know about Dalton but I'm going full commando under this robe, and one wrong move will show my buddy, if you get what I'm saying. I look over to Dalton,"We should go check on Mr. Harper, and get dressed." Dalton chuckles,"Yeah I was Thinking the same thing." We get up very careful to not show our junk, then we head off to his dressing room.

I knock on the door. "Come in." Mr. Harper responds. We walk in and see him still in his boxers, damn he's got a 6 pack. He's bent over the toilet,"Uhm Mr. Harper are you okay?" Dalton asks kneeling down next to Mr. Harper. "I'm just a bit nervous, what if Lexi ran out? I love her and don't want to be left at the altar." Mr. Harper says. So Ms. Stone's name is Lexi ooohhhh. I take out my phone and text Ashe to make sure "Lexi" is still there:

Keith: Aye, Ashe is Ms.Stone there?

Ashe: Yeah, did you know her real name is Lexi 0.0 I never knew.

Keith: I just found out its weird, like shes a rock not a Lexi.

Ashe: Dammit Keith, that was a really bad joke, it physically hurts.

Keith: Lmao, gtg bye.

Ashe: Bye

"Hey Mr. Harper, 'Lexi' is still there. Ashe is with her right now." I tell Mr. Harper. Wow saying Lexi is so weird. Mr. Harper immediately jumps up, perfectly fine all the sudden,"Okay lets get this show on the road!" He says as he starts to get dressed. So me and dalton start to get dressed as well. Mr. Harper wears a black suit with a baby blue tie. He has a sunflower pinned to the suit. We all wear the same minus the sunflower pin.

We head over to our places, the wedding is about to start. I hope someone will dance with me at the reception.

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