Chapter 4: Skippity Hop Punk Punk Rock

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I've been to Mister Harper's room before, but i never really looked at it in deatail. The walls look as though they are made of legos, The floor is a soft cream coloured carpet. With cabnniets lining the walls filled with toys this looks like a childs paridise but I'm all grown up! I don't need toys all I need are some paints and paper. I look around and find a canvas. Ah yes bingo! "Now kids before we get to the fun playing we have to go over some rules." He walks in and invites us in too, "Now you can all take a seat." We all scurry to different chairs and sit there expextantly. Mr Harper continues, "Now first things first, No name calling. Okay? Its not nice and can make people cry. And no fighting! I don't want you guys to break any bones or get any bruises. If you have a question come talk to me. We will have play time most of the time then head to luch. After lunch we will do some learning and then olay till the end of the day. When I dismiss you head off to dinner okay? I will help you find your way to Dinner. Now go children play!" Okay so no fighting...aww. Well I dont know if I should talk to these new kids, I like the friends I have now. I run to Keith. "Wanna paint with me?" He smiles "Yeah! Wait what should I make?" I think for a minute. "Aha! I'll draw you and you'll draw me!" He nods and runs over to the paints. While painting I see Erin go talk to one of the new guys. Is she gonna leave us? No! Shes not allowed to! With paint covering my hands I run over to Erin.

(Erins P.o.v)
What should I do? I could play with blocks, draw, paint. I don't know! I look around and see one of the new boys. I think his name is Alan? I don't know. He's all alone. I should probably go talk to him... I walk over to him with my head held high. "Hi Alan! My name's Erin. You look kinda lonely wanna go play blocks with me?" Alan looks at me with a black face for a few seconds then smiles and says "Okay!" When all the sudden Ashe comes running over....

(Ashe's P.o.v)
"STOP!" I yell desprate not to loose my friend. "Whoever you are Erin is OUR friend, don't you try to steal her from us!" Dalton comes out from behind me "Yeah.... shes mi- ours and you can't take her away from us!" he says in his usually stuttery voice. Mr.Harper walks over to us and bends down. "Can't you all be friends?" I turn to Mister Harper. "Well yeah but this guy came over trying to steal Erin! we would be friends with him if he just asked..." I look down at my feet feeling embarrassed. I didn't think about us all being friends... Alan smiles. "Lets all just be friends okay?" I look up to redeem my self and nod my head reluctantly. If I did it any way it wouldn't be very punk rock. Mister Harper gives me a big cheesey smile and pats my head as he goes back to his desk. "Well I gotta go draw Keith but Its nice to meet you...uhm whats your name?" I ask. "I'm Alan nice to meet you too!" Erin looks very confused on how fast that was resolved but shrugs her shoulders and plays blocks with Alan. Dalton sighs and starts drawing a picture.

"Knock knock knock." we hear at the door. Mister Harper rushes to go answer it. I follow behind him curious of what is happening. Mister Harper opens the door to see Ms. Stone standing there. "HI MISS STONE!!" I yell and I go to hug her. I'm so short that my head only reaches to her lower thigh. I grab on to her leg and she chuckles."Hello Ashe!" Mister Harper's pants look weird again... Why? It stopped after breakfast. I'd better ask him. "Mister Harper?" He looks down at me "Yes?" I point my finger to the part of his pants that looks weird. "Whats wrong with your pants? It happened at breakfast and then stopped, but now its back again?" His face turns as red as a tomatoe. Whats wrong? He picks me up and says, "AIR PLANE!!" and starts moving me all around making me feel as if I was flying. I don't care about his pants anymore, this is really fun! I start laughing as he puts me on his shoulders to continue talking to Miss Stone. I look down and see Miss Stone's nose so I poke it. She smile. They were talking about how she was riding him last night. Did Mister Harper put Miss Stone on his shoulders too? He must be strong especially since she has those two balls of fat on her chest. Keith tells me that they're called boobs. Hehe what a funny name. "BOOBS!" I say out loud and start giggling. Mister Harper ends his conversation with Miss Stone and has a long conversation with me about what words I should say and shouldn't say. I forgot what he said though. I'm too punk rock to listen.

We go to lunch and have spaghetti, yum! We go back to class and Mr. Harper tells us to take our seats. "So today we will be introducing ourselves. So say your name and say 2 things you like to do. Okay? I'll start, My name Is Mister Harper and I like to play guitar and play soccer." He sits down in a chair like ours and he looks silly. I'm assuming this is anyone can go at anytime so I stand up first. "Hi! My name is Ashe and I like to sing and make art! Also I'm super punk rock so don't mess with me or any of my friends!" I take a bow and sit down. All my friends introduce themselves but I know them so I wait for the new kids to go.

A girl with Black Boy cut hair and Green eyes (that almost slap you when you see them) stands up. "Hi I'm Heather and I like to watch netflix and eat." I hear Mr. Harper giggle softly and say "me too" under his breath. Whats a netflix? Oh well I don't know. I'll figure it out one day.

(A/n: what will the rest say? find out next time.)

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