Chapter 10: He's NOT Punk Rock

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"Don't worry Ashe, you'll do just fine." Miss Stone tries to comfort me. "How do you know?" She just smiles,"I have a feeling." Weird. I bet she says that to everyone though. She probably has to say that to everyone. We finnally make it to the Headmaster's office and miss stone looks to me,"Good luck." and waits for me to enter.

When I enter I see a man, he is very intimidating. With eyes thag could pierce you skin and a build that could snap you in two. He looks to me and speaks in a gravely voice,"Sit." There are 3 chairs, the one closest to me is made of wood not very comfortable but It would be effictive to just sit in like he told me. The on farthest from me is cushioned and looks so nice and tempting and the one in the middle is a throne. I sit in the wooden to just get his task done so he doesn't yell or anything. My choice of seat makes him tilt his head,"Intriguing......" I sit there waiting, getting tired of it I ask,"So when is this thing gonna start?" He chuckles,"Its already begun." What? This guys is seriously freaky. "Ashe Lights, interesting last name, Lights. Well, Ashe you are going to enter the door behind me, and see what happens. I cannot say anythinf more besides good luck. Now go." I stand up and walk behind him entering the door.

Gray sky, forest full of trees. I see a sword and a gun lying on 2 platforms. I quickly run and grab them both. I walk futher on, next thing I see is a creature of darkness. Its similar to a wolf but completly black with purple eyes. It lunges towards me I tuck and roll while its disoriented from my dodge I take time to ready my pistol. It turns around and starts heading towards me at full speed. Once it tries to bite I let it bite my sword and shoot its neck. Its falls to the ground and I continue on in the forest. I come to a clearing and see 7 children standing by a fire. Each one holds something valuable. "If you kill anyone of us you get to keep what we are holding. If you do not kill us, we will kill you." They all say in unison. "I'm not killing you!" I scream. "Prepare to die." they all screech.

After their screech eachone of them melts into eachother and become one giant melting flesh monster with 7 heads. I look to the ground amd see they have dropped their possessions. I search for something valuable enough to risk my life for. I grab a piece of iron and some leather. I heat the iron in the fire protecting my hand from burns with the leather and through the iron into the monster. It screeches so loudly that I look down, only to look up and see it evaporating into smoke. I look infront and see a door and run to it.

I end up in the headmasters office. "Sit." he commands once more. choosing the one wooden chair again I sit. "Why did you take both weapons?" he asks me "Well there was no one telling me not to and having both can give me an advantage seeing I can use both short-ranged and long-ranged attacks." I answer. "I see...and why did you take out the wolf with such precaution?" he asks. "I didn't know my enemy and its attack style. I had to learn it before attacking, it would be foolish not too." I answer with a sassy tone. "Finally why take out the children so carefully? They said they would kill you, why not kill them first?" he asks. "They hadn't shown me real threat yet for all I know they could've been joking. So i waited until they took action on their words." he looks me straight in the eyes,"Intriguing notion. Don't tell anyone else about your test. Go back to class." he brushes me off like a fly. "Just you wait, what does all this mean? Why did i just do that." He chuckles,"I like you, lots of spice. Well Ashe, your answers that you though nothing of told me alot about you that I will be using in the future. Now go back to class, Now." I leave his office and follow Miss Stone back to class.

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