Chapter 17: Will We Find the Rock?

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Well that was a very scary? One moment its like ,"Hey remeber how normal you felt? well you're not." which isn't a bad thing, but its a very crazy moment. I don't want to spend years learning about safety though ugh. Oh well, me knowing Mr. Harper he'll make it fun. Today seems like a free day now.

I head to my seat. What is Keith gonna say? I sit and Keith turns towards me,"You're a wizard, Harry." He mocks in Hagrid's voice. I chuckle,"Yeah I know man, don't tease me I control metal, I'll get metallica fans to attack, just you watch." He laughs a bit and we continue to talk more,"So do you wanna hang out this free period?" Keith asks. "Sure, but what're we gonna do?" He smiles,"You'll see." I laugh,"Thats pretty suspicious man. I don't know if it will be safe, are there any white vans involved that I should be aware of?" I ask playfully. He cocks his head to the side,"I think there are a few, like 7?" he estimates. Alan walks up to us,"So I heard white van, I can hook you up with one, and some candy too." He adds. Erin joins at his side and face palms. Alan sees her then proceeds to put his arm around her and kiss the top of her head gently. "Ugh grossss!" I say as Keith makes pukeing sounds. Erin just laughs. I stand up to Alan,"Erin's mine bucko, you wanna fight me mate?" He just pushes my head down and I fall back into my seat,"Nah she's mine and always will be." He continues to kiss erin as me and Keith act utterly repulsed. Though in all seriousness they're adorable together, but its more fun to tease them about it.

We all head to lunch. Once its over I wait at my room for Keith. I do wonder what we are doing and why everybody has to be so secritive. Keith enters and looks me up and down,"You might wanna change we're going somewhere that you're gonna wanna look nice I'll wait outside." He says. I scoff,"You got a problem with the way I dress? You wanna fi-" I start but Keith slams the door. I chuckle and yell,"RUDE!" so that he cam hear me. I hear him laugh which makes me smile. STOP IT TEENAGE HARMONES. I change into a white t-shirt and a skater skirt with a red flannel over it. I put on some thigh highs and I put my hair into a braid. I walk out and Keith looks at me and his face gets a little pink,"You look nice, Lets go!" He starts walking, so I follow.

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