Chapter 13: Punk+Rock

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I wake up ready to face the day, its dark and cloudy outside, most people say thats bad weather but I think its perfect. I wonder what we're gonna learn if there is no more academics. We all head down stairs for breakfast then report to class. Dalton stops me abruptly before I enter the room,"Hey Ashe, wanna hang out with me during free period?" Dalton asks with a hint of redness in his face. I smile,"Yeah sure!" He smiles back and heads into class, as do I.

"Take your seats quickly please." Mr.Harper starts,"I bet you all are wondering, 'What are we learing? You said no more academics' Well you are right, no more academics. From now on you will learn how to fight and how to protect yourself in battle. Before you can even fight you need a weapon and thats what we're going to be doing today, finding your weapon. Weapons are very important and become your best friend in combat.There are many sub-categories of weapons but the main are Magic and Non-Magic weapons. You cannot wield a Magic weapon if you do not have the ability to use magic in the first place. 'How do you know if you can use magic?' We have a test for that, its a blood test. Yes, yes you are getting a shot today I apologize in advance."

I look at Mr.Harper with disgust. Oh. Hell. No. I am not getting a shot, nope, nope, nope. I start fidgeting, and clicking my pen non stop, because I'm scared of needles. Keith looks behind at me and chuckles,"You scared?" I give him a death glare,"Not now Keith. I'm actually scared." I say under my breath. "What did you say?" he asks. I look at him with a normal face,"Its nothing." Dalton looks over to me. Can he tell that my heart is beating out of my chest? Maybe it actually is... oh god I hope its not that obvious. I bite my lip, I bite down with so much pressure it starts to bleed, damn nervous habbits. I can taste the blood slithering out of the new gash in my mouth, the salty metallic taste that I know too well. My face is burning up and I feel nauseous. My head feels as if someone took a bat and smashed my head against the ground. My vision becomes hazy, I see everyone looking at me, everything goes black.

I wake up with the blood taste still in my mouth. I should probably open my eyes, but they feel like weights, they're too heavy. I finally bring myself to awaken and see Alan and Erin making out,"Aw man come on, gross, I didn't wanna see that." I say in a complaning voice. As soon as the see that I had woken up both of their faces turn red,"Well maybe you shouldn't have fainted, you wouldn't have to see this then." With that she continues, "Aw come on, get a room. This is disgusting. This is gross man. ugh." I look to my side and see a box of tissues, so I throw it at them. They finally stop sucking each others faces. "So what happened to me?" I ask still confused on all the deatails. "The nurse says it was just a nervous faint, you're fine. Since you were sleeping they went ahead and took blood then. Don't worry the worst is over." Alan explains. Okay good I guess. "What time is it?" I ask. "Almost lunch time, are you ready to get up, are you okay? Will you not fall? I'm sorry if my teasing made you faint. Do you need my help?" Keith asks. I smile, he's such a sweetheart when he is worried,"Yes your punishment for this is giving me a piggyback ride all the way to lunch." I proclaim. Keith shrugs, putting me on his back,"No I was just kidding!" I protest. Keith just continues down the hall. "Hey don't ignore me!" laugh/yell. He starts laughing too,"You said this was the punishment, I am fufilling my duties, princess" he says in a princley voice. I just continue laughing. We must have been a sight to see.

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