Chapter 12: Shut the Punk Up

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Following Keith throughout the halls was an interesting experience to say the least. I ran into so many walls because of him. We got onto a bus at one point. Finally we stop,"Open your eyes." he says in a calm sweet voice. I open my eyes to see the mall? What're we doing here. "Uhm Keith why the mall?" He leads me out of the bus and explains,"Ashe you've had most of your clothes since you were 7. Impressive, but you need some new clothing. I talked to Mister Harper and Miss Stone and they both pitched in. I thought it would be fun to come with so here I am! I hope you like this!" He smiles and does jazz hands. I look at him and laugh. "Thank you so much. This will sure be fun!" We enter and a journey begins.

Once I'm finished we head back to school and it is time for dinner and I thought I should show off some of my new clothes. I put on a black skater skirt, thigh-highs, a white T-shirt with a cross on it and put on a cute hat to top it all off. I head down to dinner and eat.

After we are all finised eating The Headmaster walks up to a microphone on the stage."You all know now that you have been seperated into teams. This was not random, you are there for a reason. Tonight I will assign team leaders. When you hear your team name join me on the stage..." he then calls team names. I wait until I hear,"Team lights." We walk up to the stage and stand there waiting. "The team leader will be..." Its gotta be Dalton or Erin. "...Ashe" Uhm no. I can't do shit. He doesn't even know me. My teammates turn to look at me, this must be a mistake. "You may go to you room." the Headmaster says. We head to our dorm for the night. What. I can't be the leader. I look to Erin,"What do you think about me being the leader?" I ask. "It makes sense, you can be pretty confident and loud. You're good at giving directions, I can see it." she replies, but I'm a two year old. This can't be right. I'm too tired to act in this thought though. We head to our rooms and go to bed. Today was really something...

((A/N: Sorry for such slow chapters! Soon action will happen but I have to put in plot.))

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