Chapter 3:Punk Rock Or Punk Not

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"Keith." The boy says. Is that his name? "Uhm well my name is Ashe, Uhm do you really..." my face started to feel hot. Why? Am I getting sick? what is it? "think we're pretty?" He walks over to me and touches his finger to my nose. "Of course silly!" he turns around dramatically and points to Dalton. "Now why woudln't you wanna kiss such pretty girls..." Keith says his fingers stroking his imaginary beard. It takes him about a minute "AHA! I know it now!He must be gay!" Erin confused by the word asks "Whats a gay?" So I whisper in her ear "It means he likes boys." she thinks about this for awhile and says back "Ooooooohhhh like Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson!" Keith turns to Erin and exclaims, "Exactly!" Keith turns back around in his dramatic style. "Are you?!" Keith inquires. Dalton trying to take all this in "N-no I - Girls are - We're preschool- Why are you-" Keith sighs. "Of couse how did I not see it! This would be his first kiss.... He's nervous." Erin who is completely done with this situation walks up to Dalton kisses him right on the lips and says, "Can we play abc now?!" Keith and I start laughing as Dalton panics.

We play some abc but no more Dalton kisses because he felt extremely uncomfortable. It must've been 6:00 pm by the time we realized that we spent the whole day getting to know eachother. I figure I'm gonna like this place after all. Since we were all tired (not me bc im Punk!) we went to bed. I started "Good Night Guys." they all replied with a warm good night.

"KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK." I hear at the door so I immediately burst out of bed. Oh right I live here. "Good morning time to get up." We hear a voice say. Must be the wakeup call. I'm not too tired. I get up and change. A Black t-shirt and Blue Jeans. I see that all my roommates are still sleeping. "Time to wake up." I chuckle to myself. To get Erin's attention I jump on her. "Get up, silly!" I say. Dalton hmmmm what would wake him up? OH I KNOW. I walk over to Dalton and kiss him. "Get up lover blh!" I whisper in his ear. Hehe that wakes my dad up when my kom does it to him so I figured it would work here! He bolts up out of bed. Now Keith still sleeping like a rock. I climb up the side of the bed to Keith and lie next to him staring him right in the face, then poke his nose. "Hey get up sleepy!" I see his eyes open and he giggles. "Okay since you asked soooo nicely." we jump of the bed and i cover my eyes while the boys change. NO PEAKING. And i see that dalton has put on a lime green polo and some dark brown cargo shorts. Keith put on a grey t-shirt and some jeans. Erin looking as fab as ever in an Imagine Dragons shirt and purple skinny jeans. I put a hand on my hip and raise the other and exclaim, "BREAKFAST!"

Me and my gang heading down down the stairs towards the cafeteria (I'm glad Dalton remebers his way around the school.) They might not be Totally Punk Rock but they're close enough. We walk in to see specific spots saved just for us. Yay we all sit together! It looks like these guys are gonna be around the rest of my life, I quite like that. But I could do with out it IM PUNK. We sit down to see its like a feast you pick what you want and eat it. I grab some toast and jelly and stuff my face until it can't be stuffed anymore. We all finish and wait for instructions.

Woah look its the reception lady shes walking up to the mic! AND MISTER HARPER! I wave at them both. The lady smile at me and Mister Harper gives me a big cheesy smile and waves back! I brought my wonder ball! I can show him I didn't loose it. I wonder why does the lady look and Mister Harper so much? And whats with Mister Harpers pants? Thats weird oh well. The ladys heel click clack all the way up there she gets to the mic and says "Good morning student I hope you all had a good sleep." everybody kinda mumbles. "My name is Ms. Stone and I'm going to explain a few things to you guys." so thats her name ohhhhhhhh. "Each of you will have a teacher for your entire time here. Your classmates will be your roommates and 4 other kids. These people will be with you your entire time here aswell. Now I will call out teachers names and then their students."

She says a bunch of names but i kinda zoned out unil I heard "Mister Harper. Students: Dalton Fulpart, Keith Anderson, Erin Murray, Ashe Lights, Leo Sether, Alan Constan, Heather Lost, Sarah Gestin."
Anyone who belonged to that named rushed up to Mister Harper. I looked up to Mister harper and pointed to the wonder ball and he winked at me. We all followed Mister Harper to his classroom. I wonder what we'll learn.

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