Chapter 8: Is This Even Punk Rock?

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My jaw drops. what. the. Like what? My whole life was normal. I'm nothing special I'm just another person, I'm not the savior of humanity?! I'm just me! How can he just drop all this information on us all at once? I look over to Keith. His jaw is almost touching the ground, he looks kinda cute being all stupid and dumb and ugh teenage emotions stop. I raise my hand. "Yes Ashe?" Mister Harper responds. "What...?" I ask and everyone noods in agreement. He sighs, "Believe me I didn't want you to find out this way either...I should continue." I can't- what? I'm not special! I'm just me! I can't save humanity! That is not my job! I didn't sign up for this! Wait... We will be learning how to fight... Okay I've decided if we get bad ass weapons I'll save humanity. "You all have been put into teams which are your roomates. Today you get to name your team. Don't joke around your name will not change and define you. Choose wisely. You'll soon realize today is full of important choices..." Mister Harper explained. He whispered under his breath,"We shouldn't let 13 year olds decide their fate... they're too young." Regaining himself he continues,"Everybody get into your team and decide you name. Once you have a name come tell me I'll be at my desk." Mister Harper heads to his desk with Miss Stone.

I get with everybody and we all stamd there for a moment until, "Shit man..." Dalton says with confusion in his voice. Erin laughs,"Preach it Dalton." I decide to get everyone on track,"Okay so what name should we have?" I ask. "Well in the story the person who saved humanity their name was light and Ashe's last name is lights, so we could be team lights, ya know cus like saving humanity and all that junk." Erin responds. "All those in favor say I." Erin continues

"I" I say, its my last name thas pretty sweet.
"I" says Dalton
"I" says Keith.

Erin sighs,"Well that was easy. Lets go tell Mister Harper." We all head over to his desk. "Our team is named Lights." Keith says with confidence in his voice. "Aha keeping it close to the story? Oh and your last name is Lights right Ashe? How intriguing." Mister Harper types somethings into his his computer and looks at us,"I'm so sorry guys, I can't tell you what is to come, I'm so sorry." I cock my head,"Is it bad? Mister Harper we need to know. Please tell us." I beg. He sighs and replies with true greif in his voice,"I'm so sorry." I think over it for awhile. Why is he so sorry...

Dalton starts talking to the other group,"So whats your team name?" he asks. "Well we are The Hope! Because in the story all hope was lost but we'll bring it back!" Heather responds. "Smart." Erin responds. Once Erin's eyes find Alan she goes to talk to him. I sit in my desk. What is happening? Whats gonna happen to us? It doesn't seem like a good thing...

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