Chapter 24:

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"Yeah, I'm kinda in pain." I say sarcastically. The doctor ignores my sass and continues,"So what hurts? Any specific spots or just all around?" I assess the crippling pain I'm going through. "Well my right arm, right leg and my stomach are what hurt the most, but I have various cuts and bruises all around." I reply. The doctor looks towards the boys, "I'm gonna have to check in spots you may wanna see but most likely she doesn't want you to see so please leave the room." Both Keith and Dalton leave the room.

**Time skip to after the check up shit cus thats hella boring am I right**

Me, Erin and the doctor leave the room, except I'm hoping along on crutches. "She has a sprained leg but her arm is fine just sore. She has a really bad bruise on her stomach and again nothing broken, thank God." Erin explains. The doctor excuses himself then leaves. I turn to Erin, "Did you see my tits? Were they good looking tits?" she shrugs her shoulders, "Eh they were okay." I huff, "Wowiewowow how rude." I hop off, Erin laughing at my state. Dalton rushes after me, "Ashe, I know now isn't a good time but, I really need to talk to you maybe when we get back to school? It's really important." Dalton states. I smile,"Yeah thats fine when we get-" I start then suddenly slip on some water spilt over the floor. I hit the ground yelling,"THIS IS FUCKING BULL SHIT, OW."

**More time skips bc why not**

We're heading back to school on a plane because the setting of the wedding was super remote, like wtf Mr. Harper are you a hipster or some shit? Ms. Harper is fine she's just needs physical therapy and ALOT of rest, I won't being seeing her for awhile... that sucks she's really easy to talk too... ANYWAYS enough of the sad mushy gushy crap once we get to school I get to go to the medical wing where they can fix my wounds and shit, isn't that sweet? I won't have to hobble around on crutches for much longer. They can do that kind of stuff because we have a mage for a nurse, which is also rad. But right now we're on a private jet too like this is so great. I better get some sleep because im tired af. I grab one of those neck pillow things and go to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.

**Big reveals next chapter keep a look out ^_^**

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