Chapter 2: Greetings Not So Punk Rock

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I've been drawing for what feels like forever. When will someone come to my stupid room? Well maybe I won't have roommates, Psh its not like I got excited to make a friend or anything...I'm NOT soft. I'm Punk and I don't need anyone. Still sitting here by myself is not any fun. Oooo wait! I have the wonder ball in my pocket! We'll see if it can turn into every ball. I don't know why but I don't think it would be best to say that to Mister Harper. Well anyways I just wanna do something its soooooooooo boring. I jump off my bed and say "Bouncy Ball!" and what'd ya know? The wonder ball became a bouncy ball! I start throwing it all around, against the wall, against the bed post, against the door- OH NO SOMEONES OPENING THE DOOR. I stay frozen in my tracks as a girl my age starts walking through the door. The ball hits her right on her nose. She covers her face and tears start to well up in her eyes. "Ow that hurt...." she looks up and sees me. "Did you throw that ball?" she asks. I run up to her, "I am so sorry I didn't meant to I was just playin-" I get interrupted by her hand coming in contact with my face. My face tingles. What'd I do? Should i hit her back? She was only hitting me cus I hit her with the ball... but still that was an accident and this was on purpose... My thought are interrupted by her giving me a big smile and saying, "Now that thats over, My name is Erin and you are?" Now that she's not slapping me I have a good look at her.

She has long light brown hair and brown eyes. She's wearing a minecraft shirt and some jeans.
I hold the side of my face that she slapped and reply, "Name's Ashe." I'm still angry at her for slapping me! "Aww don't be so sour! I'm over the fact that you hit me in the face with a ball and you should get over the fact that I slapped you. I'm a little reluctant but I really want a friend. "Yeah I've been over it. I'm just punk so people think I'm sour." She looks at me for a few second then continues. "So why're you here?" We need a reason? Well I don't have one. Was my mom supposed to tell me? "I don't have one I guess, my mom and dad just took me here." she sighs and says "Do you even know what this place is?" ITS A SCHOOL IM NOT DUMB. "Uh yeah kinda but my mom said it was a little different then other schools, but i don't fully understand." she smirks "Yeah I don't really get it either." Erin starts to put her stuff away and chooses the bunk underneath mine. "I bet they'll explain it better when we're older but for now I think it'll be regular school." Erin flops herself on to the bed already making herself at home. "I wonder..." Oh no when ever my mom starts with that she continues with something I don't quite get...
"whats for lunch..." oh good something i can talk about. I lean against the side of the bed, "Me too, I hope its jello or maybe Yogurt and granola?" Erin chuckles," Its probably gonna be something like sanwhiches. I cross my arms and scowl. "But thats so boring."

Me and Erin go on talking about Lunch for quite awhile when all the sudden we hear the lock start to turn. We both grown silent. This is our next roommate. Its important and could make or break our time here. To my suprise the door opens and I see a boy? What? WHAT?? He walks in and then sees that we are not of his gender and his eyebrows furrow. "But it says this is the right room..." the boy looks out into the hallway and finds a teacher. "Uhm excuse me my room has girls in it?" he says to the teacher with an air of confusion. The teacher walks over to our room, "Oh well we trust our students to not do anything un-ethical....(Blah blah blah blah i stopped listening).... And we have hidden cameras that turn off only when you're changing the reason we're allowed to do that is because in the contract it specifically states (blah blah blah blah blah blah) And so yes sir there are girls in your room." She finally finishes. I look over to the boy and he looks really confused as the teacher walks away. He looks at us and looks back to the teacher. Be does this for quite awhile until he accepts that he will have girls in his room. He finally steps all the way into the room and shuts the door.

He has a bowl cut (ugh gross) his hair is platinum blonde and he has really dark brown eyes. He wears a light blue polo and some khakis. "Uhm hi. My name is Dalton. Whats your names?" Erin speaks up first "My name is Erin." then I say, "My name is Ashe." hes weird. It maybe just the hair but this first impression is very awkward... We all stand there for a second or two till he starts putting his stuff away so me and erin continue to talk. "Erin what'd you like to do?" she thinks for a second. "Oh have you ever played abc?" I cock my head indicating that I haven't so she explains, "Abc is when you have to say a word that starts with the next letter of the alphabet so if i started id start with 'a' so I'd say something like 'aligator' and you would say something that starts with 'b' like 'beehive'. But when you take too long you have to..." Erin pauses to think of a punishment. "OH you have to kiss dalton." Erin and I start giggling. Dalton looks back at us, "But why what if I don't want to." Just then someone else's voice chimes in. "Really you don't wanna kiss two pretty girls?" its another boy! Me and Erin and Dalton turn to match the voice with a face.

He has long black hair that is pulled back into a pony tail with two shorter hairs hanging on each side of his head. He's wearing a grey dress shirt and some jeans.

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