Chapter 5:The Punk Rock Never Stop

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Heather seems nice I guess but I have to know what netflix is and how does she stay so thin if she loves eating? Well whos going next? After Heather sits down there are a few moments of silence, until Alan stands up. "Hi I'm Alan and I like to play minecraft and make funny faces!" well hes boring. I guess i shiuld give him a chance... the other 2 people go but I don't really pay attention, Because I'm punk rock like that.

The rest of the day is fun and we play around. We have dinner then its time to go to our dorms. We all follow Dalton to our room, up some stairs, down some hallways. Boy am I glad He knows where he's going. We continue on until Dalton stops. He turns around with his head tilted down and mumbles something. "What?" Keith asks. Dalton looks at us, "We're lost." Dalton says with pain in his voice. Great! What are we gonna do now? Erin face palms."What're we gonna do now?" Erin asks obviously annoyed. "We must wander until we find our dorm. What else can we do?" Everyone nods in agreement. Me now being the leader continue on, this goes on for awhile until we all get tired. Keith yawns,"I don't even care anymore I'm sleeping." He lays on the floor and sleeps. Welp might aswell. I lay down next to him and soon enough Erin and Dalton follow.

"Uhmm...." Ms.Stone says looking down at us four. She chuckles a bit and asks," Did you all get lost?" I sit up, unhappy with the fact she laughed,"Well yeah what else were we to do? Get even more lost?" I say crossing my arms and pouting. She's treating me like a child, I don't like that. She laughs more, dang this lady is crazy its not that funny its perfectly reasonable to sleep in the middle of a hallway when you can't find your dorm. "Well I'll take you back, but mext time ask for someones help to find your way around." She replied.

We make it to our room at get ready for the day. Putting on a long navy blue sweatshirt and leggings I listen to some New Found Glory. Is this what this school is? If so its pretty punk rock... Not too much but enough, but why swag land? oh yeah it stands for something I forget it though. Hey wait, my mom told me that. Why hasn't she called yet? Weird. I'll call her tonight.

We go to breakfast and then to class. It was a pretty uneventful day. Learing the alphabet and other stuff. We have dinner and go to our dorms. I get my phone and go into our bathroom. I don't want them to know I'm calling my parents, how lame is that.

"Ring, ring, ring, Hello?"My mom answers.

"Hi mom! I was wondering why you havent called me yet..."

"Well things have been a little.... different at home...."

"What do you mean, mom?"

"Well its just- *My father's voice* CLARA! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! GET OVER HERE! *My moms voice* Uhm sweetie I have to go, I love you so so much!"

"I love you to-" the line cuts off.

Well that wasn't weird, mom says that dad just has some hard days at work so its okay. I just hope when I go home during the summer his works is good... he does bad things when he's angry. But he loves us so its okay. Thats what mom says. I leave the bathroom and go to bed. "Good night Erin."
"Good night Ashe" Erin replies.
"Good night Dalton."
"Good night Ashe." Dalton replies.
"Good night Keith."
"Good night Ashe." Keith resonds.

Though I would never say this to their face, I love them all alot.

((A/N: Big stuff next chapter, if you don't like what happens next don't read.))

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