Chapter 19: A Not So Punk Rock Place

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**1 year later**

Today is the day, Mr. Harper and Ms.Stone's wedding day. Miss Stone asked me to be a flower girl, of course I accepted. Erin is a bridesmaid and so is Heather, Alan and Dalton are Groomsmen. Keith is the ring bearer. Miss Stone had her best friend uhm Ms. Shifflett, I think, be her Maid of Honor. Mr. Harper had his younger brother be his best man.

The wedding is set to be very small, there are about 10 guests plus all of us. It is outside there is a beautiful Bridge over a lake which leads to a Gazebo over looking the stunning lake. Its Large enough to fit everyone.

Currently me,Erin, Keith, Dalton, Heather and Alan are waiting until we are told to do something. "I think I'll go check on Miss Stone." I declare. Erin follows,"I will too." We head over to the dressing room. I knock on the door and hear,"Come in." from Miss Stone, she sounds like she's been crying? I open the door to see Miss stone sitting in front of the mirror with makeup running down her face, still in her robe and with half her hair up. "Oh Miss Stone..." I say rushing to her side. She smiles,"Call me Lexi." she replies. "Oh okay, Lexi do you need help?" I ask She nods,"I can't seem to get any of this right, am I making a mistake? Oh I'm sorry girls you need to get ready aswell I didn't realize I took so long." Erin starts to work on Lexi's hair,"Don't worry about us, you're the bride. And you're not making a mistake, you love Mr. Harper very much, its just pre-Wedding gitters! Don't worry once you see Mr. Harper you'll know this is right." Erin consoles the weeping bride. Once she calms down I ask,"Would you like me to do you make-up?" she nods a smile on her face. I clean off the previous make-up and apply some elegant make-up. Lexi looks into the mirror and sees her hair, Part pulled up and the rest left down in curls and a diamond clip in her hair. She smiles, "That you girls." I go to grab her dress,"Its time for you to put on your dress." We give her some privacy. Finally we hear,"Come on in." We walk in to see her beautiful dress. It has a strapless sweetheart neckline and is fitted until it gets to the end of her hips, from that point on it flares out from the bottom. Lace lines the neck line with some sequins. "Wow..." I say, and Erin gasps. Did I say that out loud? Oh well she is absolutely STUNNING. Lexi smiles,"You think so?" We look at her our jaws on the floor,"You're absolutely beautiful, there are no words to describe." Erin replies. Lexi pulls us in,"Your turn girls."

Me and Erin enter the room farther and I see my flower girl dress hanging up. The color scheme Lexi(Miss Stone) Choose for her wedding is white and baby blue. So my dress is strapless and ends above my knees and is baby blue with white lace covering the whole dress with a white ribbon in the middle. I will be carrying a basket with sunflower petals. Erin finds her dress hanging up and the bridesmaid dresses are baby blue as well they are strapless aswell and end before the knees. They have more flare when they reach the hips but not alot. No lacecovering and they are very flowing dresses.

"Knock knock knock." we hear at the door,"Who is it?" Lexi asks. "Its me, open the door you hooman bean. Lexi immediately lights up and rushes to the door and opens it. "Cheyenne!" Lexi exclaims as she hugs the woman. The woman is wearing a robe, her dress is probably here. I guess this is Ms. Shifflett? She has long golden brown hair that has a slight curl to it and fully applied makeup. She is absolutely beautiful. "Excited?" Cheyenne asks Lexi, she fans her face trying to not cry,"Yes, very very much." They hug once more. Cheyenne notices me and Erin are standing here,"You two must be Ashe and Erin?" she asks. I raise my hand,"I'm Ashe." Erin then raises her hand,"I'm Erin." Cheyenne smiles,"I've heard quite a bit about you two." Me and Erin exchange looks then we look to Lexi. "You talk about us?" Erin asks. Lexi walks toward us,"Why yes I've known you since you were in preschool and took care of you, I kinda feel like your mother." Lexi replies. I smile at this, I never really felt like I had my mom but shes right, she's been there this whole time. Me and Erin run up to hug Lexi.

Once the love fest ends Cheyenne speaks up,"So I gotta get dressed." Me and Erin leave the room. I guess they're close enough to change infront of eachother. We finally get back in and me and erin get our hair curled and Heather comes up to get ready. "We look amazing." I say. Everyone nods in agreement. I look to Lexi,"She looks the best though." Once again everyone nods in agreement, and Lexi smiles. "One final thing.." Lexi says. She goes into a wardrobe and pulls out sunflower crowns for us to wear. Then Cheyenne pulls out a sunflower crown with a veil attached to it and puts it on top of Lexi's head. Lexi looks in the mirror and almost bursts into tears,"Thank you, thank you all."

((A/N: the wedding might take up a few chapters))

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