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A once beautiful world full of harmony and peace was corrupted by those who claimed they wanted peace the most. The Fallen. They spread their words of evil and discord to anyone who would listen. Infecting most of humanity with greed and false ideas of peace and justice. Darkness engulfed and destroyed the era, with riots breaking out in streets and acts of terrorism. Everything had Fallen. The Darkness creating monsters like itself. But what story would we have to tell if this was the end? A small glimmer of faith was still there. Someone rose up against it. Their gender or race un-known the only thing written was that they called this hero Light. As the Hero brought light to The Darkness by his teachings of Fighting and Magic. People listened to Light and followed their of way fighting the evil. Bringing the dark times to an end and leaving us with peace once more.

Since everything broke up due to the darkness we had to find order once more. Starting over they renamed and repositioned the land.

There are 6 Provinces Ameisma, (Amy-is-mah)
Grodeanso, (Grod-in-so) Famies, (Fay-mies) Pacentra, (Pah-cein-tra) Hawquin, (Hah-quin)
and Jestopia (Jes-toe-pe-ah)

Each Province unique and peaceful. Our story starts in the least known Jestopia....

(In parentheses is how to pronounce the Provinces)

(A/n: Enjoy this is just some history I will post Chapter 1 very soon.)

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