Chapter 25:

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I open my eyes and the plane is completely dark, everyone is sleeping. I forgot how long this flight was. I should be sleeping right now, what time is it? I look down at my watch to see the time... it's only 2:00am? I swear it feels like I've been sleeping for years. With almost all the lights off and total silence the plane has a very eerie feeling. The seatbelt light isn't on so I decide to explore the plane. Oh I forgot to mention this isn't any plane, its a motherfucking private motherfucking jet, hell fucking yes. Where are fucks nessacary you ask, fuck yes.

The seats are all black leather and interior gives off a very sleek, refined feeling. The walls are pitch black and the floors are a burgundy red. I sneak past Mr.Harper because I can't sleep and I know he'll make me try. With silent tip-toes I make it past his chair. I make my way to the back of the cabin to see some sort of closet? As I approach the door to open it this sense of over-whelming grief takes over me, and sends a shiver down my spine... Welp my life will be officially unsuccessful (declared by me) if I do not go in this room. So with that in mind I place my hand on the painfully cold door nob and enter. The room is pitch black so I search the wall for a light-switch, but then the temperature drops severally as I notice there is something, or someone, breathing down my neck. I turn and their warm breath is now heating up my face. I can't make out anything but a pair of eyes and a smirk. I don't scream, I can't scream, I can't let Mr.Harper worry anymore. I try to back away but as I do the sinister eyes follow me all the way until I reach the door again. I slip my hand to the door nob and try to open it when I suddenly hear a snap. And the door is locked. Shit. Mother. Fucking. Shit.

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