No bounds *thug love* (Jayceon Taylor, Dave East, Michael B Jordan and more...) by ghostpoetnovels
No bounds *thug love* (Jayceon ghostpoetnovels
Trayvon 34 (Michael B Taylor) gang lord and dealer has a daughter and a high maintenance ex. His daughter 15 called Andrea is a mischievous and sexy young girl already s...
  • urban
  • dave
  • michaelb
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Avatar Of The Void (Rwby X Male Reader) 18+ by Crashbexpert
Avatar Of The Void (Rwby X Male Crashbexpert
F/N was a weak and kind individual who always wanted to do the right thing, that changed when the one person he loved cheated on him leading to his sister's death. Now h...
  • rubyrose
  • neo
  • harem
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He wasn't being himself  by alright_artz
He wasn't being himself by alright_artz
Everything was going well for the young hero in training, Izuku Midoriya. That was until, the league wanted him. The league of villains managed to get their hands on a...
  • villain
  • torture
  • ochakouraraka
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Assassin 006 (ManXBoy) by Cookie_Bagel
Assassin 006 (ManXBoy)by Cookie
Number 006, an Assassin that has not failed a single mission, soon gets a new mission. To take down a Mafia leader who leads a ruthless group of men. Growing up in a cel...
  • assasin
  • murder
  • gay
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Beauty and the Wolf (Darkiplier x Reader x Antisepticeye) by Keyheav
Beauty and the Wolf (Darkiplier Keyheav
Once upon a time, there was a tale of three friends. One went on to became a mighty king, an army following his every order but most importantly, his friends staying clo...
  • glitchbitch
  • readerxdarkiplierxantisepticeye
  • romance
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The Mafia's Desire  by nataliasmithss
The Mafia's Desire by Natalia Smith
Aries shook his head. "You are mine." "I don't belong to anyone," Aurora snapped. "There is no holding onto me. You should be grateful I've stay...
  • powerful
  • guns
  • romance
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Heir of the Sword by MoonlightHunter3
Heir of the Swordby Kyra
❝Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.❞ Arya was born a prodigy. She excelled in all aspects of her training at Narvian Academy. So, when the Heres Gladii tournament is...
  • enemies
  • evil
  • fighting
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Church // H.S // by DenialDaddy
Church // H.S //by Kinky Savage
The thing that fascinates Harry about Charlotte is that she is pure, innocent and untouched. But that what she wants everyone to think. When people hear Charlottes name...
  • styles
  • kinky
  • liampayne
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Corruption MxM by Shifting2wolf
Corruption MxMby Too much inspiration
Corruption That was the reason why the hammer crashed hard on wood, why the judge sneered down at him or why he felt his heart sink heavily in his body. He could faintly...
  • pack
  • bxb
  • accusations
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The Red Lounge by aconst
The Red Loungeby A. Const
He exhaled deeply and shook his head. "I didnt mean to hurt you. I'm sorry, I didnt want this to happen so soon." He pulled out his wallet, and I quickly grabb...
  • passion
  • sugarbaby
  • fiction
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The Era of Darkness (A Warrior Cat Story) by DFShadowheart
The Era of Darkness (A Warrior ShadowHeart
The cover was made by my friend @Hiitsaabidah so go check her out! This story was made by me, @Hiitsaabidah, @Merlinbabe, and a bunch of my friends online Plot: Firestar...
  • oocs
  • loners
  • evilfirestar
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For You (Updated) by celestial_sesi
For You (Updated)by celestial_sesi
Ranked #14 under #Action Category. Sub Genre #Romance (Completed) A motorbike rider dressed in full leather outfit and helmet, rammed through the opening in the barric...
  • jenniferwinget
  • lawyer
  • wattpadindia
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The Sultan's Spy by LaurenDMSmith
The Sultan's Spyby Lauren
As the youngest sister of the current Sultan, Eliska has been raised in the harem. But she's been trained not to be a bride, though she has had instruction in the womanl...
  • criminal
  • sultan
  • magic
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Pairs  by RoyalyBree
Pairs by RoyalyBree
"Let me go," I demanded weakly, knowing I was helpless against him. "Now, why would I do that kitten?" He grinned, a devious spark in his eyes. &qu...
  • control
  • wattys2018
  • dominant
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Corrupted Files (Ben Drowned Fanfic) by Lycidas_Draconia
Corrupted Files (Ben Drowned ʟʊƈɨɛʟ•ֆαɨɦαʀα
Brianna Ainsworth was your normal rich girl, (except she spends all her money on video games.) One day she stumbles upon an old cartridge of Majora's Mask. Not having pl...
  • corrupted
  • ben
  • originalcharacters
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The One Corrupted Rose by RawrFearMehhhh
The One Corrupted Roseby RawrFearMehhhh
A rose is fragile, yet aggressive. Sometimes it's in a meadow or it's in a garden, but a rose is never alone. This Rose was, however, alone. Her red rose hair isn't her...
  • zombies
  • corrupted
  • corpuses
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Bodyguard by LilianeGrouse
Bodyguardby AJ
Madison Jones used to be a regular college student. One roommate, one Senator and one night gone horribly wrong later, she's a material witness in an upcoming trial jus...
  • romance
  • agent
  • self-defense
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 Missing || Villain Izuku by chubbyrulestheworld
Missing || Villain Izukuby «95»
Midoriya, he was missing. Not physically, more like mentally. He wasn't all there after... well after a few special circumstances. Then he actually went missing. Yes...
  • hero
  • allmight
  • evilizuku
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Anything You Say Can and Will be Held Against You, So Say My Name, Baby by Post-Moe
Anything You Say Can and Will be Post-Moe
Why is the title so long?Because I like it. :3 A Police Officer has more control then any other random civilian on the street. Unfortunately, not every officer uses tha...
  • xreader
  • crooked
  • corrupted
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The Girl From Above by jenalee28
The Girl From Aboveby Jenna
For decades, the city of Amity has been buried under an endless haze of fog. Thousands live beneath the fog line, while the wealthy few reside above in Sky Towers. A pla...
  • adventure
  • romance
  • politics
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