Chapter 21: Will The Un-Punk Rock Commence?

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Ashe P.O.V**

We are all in our places, first Dalton walks down the aisle with Heather. The Alan walks down the aisle with Erin. Then Keith walks down the aisle with me. After us comes the bride. There is a screen so that no guests see us before we walk down the aisle and we're all waiting until we hear the cue.

I look over to Lexi and smile, she smiles right back. I hear the cue and with that Dalton and Heather walk down the aisle. Why am I getting gitters? Nah I think I'm just really excited to see Mr.Harper and Lexi get married. Next Alan and Erin walk down the aisle. Its almost me and Keith, I guess Keith could tell I was getting nervous because he grabbed my hand and squeezed it, then looked at me and smiled. Damn teenage emotions. We hear the que, and start walking down the aisle, throwing petals with each step. We finally make it to the altar and then we hear, 'here comes the bride' being played. Everybody stands and turns to see...

The preacher has them say their vows and they say the cutest things, and then, "Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to protect in sickness and in health?" the preacher asks. "I do." Lexi says a huge smile still stuck on her face, did I mention how beautiful she looks? wow. Suddenly, a familiar man wearing a red suit and a black top hat chimes in. "What a shame," he sings, "the poor groom's bride's a whore." Everyone stares blankly at him. "Brendon Urie?" I ask, confused. "What are you doing here?" He looks at me. "Shit," he says, "this isn't this set." He runs away. "Close the goddamn door!" I yell. "What was that about?" Mr. Harper asks. "Not sure," I say, "continue." The preacher gives a confused look and then continues. "And do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to protect in sickness and in health?" ,"I do." Mr. Harper replies "You may now kiss the bride." Mr. Harper and Lexi kiss, and then Mr.Harper picks her up bridal style and carries her down the asile. "For the first time ladies and gentlemen Mr. and Ms. Harper!" the priest exclaims. Freaking aww thats adorable. Everyone starts clapping.

Soon everyone heads to the little Inn that owns the gazebo, where the reception is being held.

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