Chapter 7: Where is the Punk Rock?

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"Welcome back class." Mister Harper says in a less than enthusiastic voice. Whats up with gloomy pants over here. "This year is going to be...different." he says looking out the window all dramatic. Miss Stone walks in and pulls Mister Harper aside.

*Over the summer*
"I can't do this! Its wrong!" Harper protests. "Well Chris hate to break it to ya, but its your job. Suck it up." A gravely man voice says. "They're still too young! I understand what this school is for but, 13?!" The man sighs,"Old enough, they are plenty capeable." Harper yells "None of them know why they're here! I can't just drop a bomb like this on them and expect them to be okay!" the man walks over to Harper. "Ah I see its not their physical health you're worried about, its their mental." sighing once more he continues, "I told you not to get too attached, Harper. I warned you. They're not your children, and they're disposable." Harper continues yelling,"They might aswell be my kids! What parents would send their kids away at the preschool age? And you can't talk about human lives that way, they're alive and they matter." The man turns away. "Now don't get heated up Chris." this angers Harper even more. "Don't get heated up?!?! You're talking about my kids lives as if they were shit!" the man get up in Harpers face,"Do it, or you're out of a job."


Once Mister Harper returns he continues, "I expect you all thought this was a regualr boarding school, that you're just like all the other kids. Well thats not the case." What does he mean? "I bet you all thought swag land was just a name, well it stands for something, Specialty Warriors And Guardians - Leading And Never Defeated. Now I bet to you that means jack-shit, but soon you'll understand. I don't know how many of you have heard the stories of the times of darkness, but let me give you a brief description:
'A once beautiful world full of harmony and peace was corrupted by those who claimed they wanted peace the most. The Fallen. They spread their words of evil and discord to anyone who would listen. Infecting most of humanity with greed and false ideas of peace and justice. Darkness engulfed and destroyed the era, with riots breaking out in streets and acts of terrorism. Everything had Fallen. The Darkness creating monsters like itself. But what story would we have to tell if this was the end? A small glimmer of faith was still there. Someone rose up against it. Their gender or race un-known the only thing written was that they called this hero Light. As the Hero brought light to The Darkness by his teachings of Fighting and Magic. People listened to Light and followed their of way fighting the evil. Bringing the dark times to an end and leaving us with peace once more.'
That is the story most have heard. But there is more to it. In Light's last days he was enlightened with a prophecy stating:
'Darkness will fall over the land once more. The monsters you fought so hard to defeat will return. All light will be lost. But there will be one, one who will rise up and lead us to victory once more. If the prophecy is failed then darkness will continue on and there will be no hope. Prepare for the darkness and find the light.'
This school was created to prepare for the darkness. Each and every one of you has something special about you. Thats the only way you made it here today. You may not know what it is, but in your time here you will figure it out. You will all train as protectors of this land, you will find your strengths and weaknesses. You will make friends and you will make enemys. But your goal is to protect, never forget your goal. Today is the day I will inform you on all of this but before I continue I'll let this sink in." Mister Harper finishes.

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