Chapter 23: Aw Punk Feels

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What the hell? Were they just insane, or did they have motive... if so why Mr. and Mrs. Harper? This feels big... I collect my thoughts and feeling then precede to stand up despite my cuts, bruises and aches. I run towards the bride and groom. Mr. Harper is kneeling by his unconcious wife and sobbing. He grazes his hand across her cheek,"I'm sorry..." he whispers softly then picks up his bride. "We need to a doctor now, someone who'll keep their mouth shut." He announces to the guests. Close family run up to him all with sorrys and questions and suggestions. He pushes past them all,"I'm going to find a place for my wife to lay, in the meantime please anyone find a doctor please." As Mr. Harper passes he motions for me and my team to follow.

We walk through several halls until we find a room with a bed and Mr. Harper softly lays down his limp wife. He pulls up a chair next to her bed and grabs her hand and squeezes it tightly. "You all should sit." All four of us sit down on the floor infront of him, "Ashe, you shouldn't have gotten involved."He sighs ,"What was I supposed to do? Watch? I didn-" I huff. Mr. Harper cuts me off,"No Ashe you put yourself in grave danger-"
"I don't care! I couldn't stand there and do nothing! It wa-" I start to raise my voice. "NO ASHE. YOU COULD'VE DIED. HE DOESN'T JUST STOP. YOU'RE LUCKY TO BE ALIVE."Mr. Harper yells. I hang my head in embarassment. He gets down on the floor to look me in the eyes, just like he did when I was a kid. "I'm sorry for snapping, Ashe. I'm worried about you and My wife." He tightens his grip on Mrs.Harper's hand. He smiles and everytime he does that I can't resist smiling back.

After awhile we start to question Mr.Harper. Erin continues,"So earlier you said he, so the mysterious cloaked fiend is a man?" She inquires with a sarcastic tone. Mr.Harper shakes his head, "Yes, but I can't tell you anymore than that. You will know eventually but its not time for that, you're still too young. Please no more questions." he replies. Suddenly we hear a knock at the door. Its a doctor. Mr. Harper swears the doctor to secrecy, then we're rushed out of the door so that he can examine her.

Its just me, Erin, Keith and Dalton in the hallway. Suddenly the pain hits me, and I collapse to the floor. Dalton helps me up and helps me limp over to another room, we're followed by Erin and Keith. Keith helps me onto the bed and Erin uses pillows to prop my body up in a sitting position. We sit in silence, a very loud silence. Erin hugs me softly, "You idiot." I giggle a bit, she pulls away tears in her eyes. Why is she getting so emotional? Its just me. I shrug and say, "Hey I'm not dead." Erin just looks me dead in the eyes, "I want to slap you so bad right now." That just makes me laugh more. "Its not funny!" She exclaims. Keith looks at me with that disappointed mom look,"Its not." He says in a harsh tone I've never heard come from his mouth. I look to Dalton for help but he just shakes his head. "Come on guys. I'm fine." Erin flicks my arm and I shriek in pain. I feel the blood rushing to a wound. "Fine people don't scream." Erin dictates. "I'm sorry! Jeez I don't know what you want me to say!" I blurt out. "DON'T DO IT ALONE NEXT TIME!" Keith yells. Dalton kneels by my bed, "We're your teammates, we're here for a reason ya know." I sigh, "Okay, no more lone wolf. I swear next time you'll know what I'm about to do okay? I love you guys, I just didn't think okay?" Keith hugs me tight. "Haha Keith, this is nice but very, very painful." I say out of breath. He pulls away his face red of embarrassment, "I didn't mean to hurt you I'm just worried." He replies. Dalton hugs me softly and then I get a mom lecture from Erin.

A while later a doctor enters,"I heard that I was need here aswell."

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