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ᴢᴏᴅɪᴀᴄs✓ by YanderePotatoOtaku
ᴢᴏᴅɪᴀᴄs✓by ʙʀᴏᴋᴇ✓
A book full of relatable things and some short zodiac scenarios. ✧○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○ꊞ○✧ The cover picture belongs to its original owner. But, it is edited by me.
  • libra
  • memes
  • knowyoursquad
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Love Me Past The Pain by LindaBHurd
Love Me Past The Painby Linda Hurd
If your life dealt you a love that could stand the test of time; how would you embrace it? Talisha would be torn between a love from an ex lover that didn't last in a pa...
  • pregnancy
  • boyfriend
  • heartbreak
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Dank memes by Echolight7
Dank memesby ♠️Ace Of Spades ♠️
Dank memes of 2018-2019. Credit to Tumblr, Ifunny, google, wattpad, and all my idiot friends.
  • quotes
  • tumblr
  • crazy
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Hilarious Jokes You Will Love!!! by xoMoonfallxo
Hilarious Jokes You Will Love!!!by Daria
This a joke book to make you all laugh! None of these jokes are mine so please don't comment that it's copyright, I take no credit for any of these. If you want a certai...
  • funny
  • relateable
  • laugh
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The Fat Girl and The Bet by delna897
The Fat Girl and The Betby delna897
Society has taught me that no matter what size I am, I will never be good enough. I'll always be too skinny, too FAT, too short, too tall, TOO this, too that.
  • relateable
  • life
  • itsokaytobeyou
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A New Life by hirs93
A New Lifeby Heidi Short
Just a short random story for some who may relate.
  • random
  • lost
  • relateable
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Love by lilprettyabby
Loveby lilprettyabby
  • action
  • relateable
  • love
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Diary of an outcast by ThatOneNeko
Diary of an outcastby ThatOneNeko
When Emily and her best friend get into a fight, Emily tries to convince herself that nothing changed. Will she through this untouched, or will she leave with really bad...
  • emo
  • melodramatic
  • teenage
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The Story of the Penguin by Helloiamtired
The Story of the Penguinby Tired
This is George. He is a Fairy Penguin. He enjoys long walks on the beach and flying. But George cannot fly resulting in him having crippling depression. George sees no p...
  • stupid
  • relateable
  • giraffes
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Being Personal by hannahstudebaker
Being Personalby hannahstudebaker
This isn't exactly a novel. All this- since I am deprived of another word for it- story will be is a compilation of "blurps" that are published on a site mostl...
  • nonfiction
  • relateable
  • journal
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Brave Soul by zoewrites25
Brave Soulby zoewrites25
I sat down in my airplane seat, which was extremely uncomfortable. I looked over at my little brother, smiling and wishing I could have been there for him when mom died...
  • beutiful
  • story
  • sad
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Red Love by MandA9899
Red Loveby MandA9899
This story is based off a song called Red Love by Pia Mia , the song is about how she gave her virginity to a guy, he took it and left with no regret, he didn't look bac...
  • heartbreaking
  • lovestory
  • relateable
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Seven by xxleaahh
Sevenby leah
Seven is my number for everything. It's the reasons, it's the date, and most of all it's my favorite number. Everything revolves around seven, even the future of me.
  • relateable
  • fiction
  • drama
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t h o u g h t s. by PEPPERPEPPERMINTMINT
t h o u g h t Sistah
Sa aking mga tulang ginagawa. Ang pakiramdam ko ay gumiginhawa. Dahil sa mga bagay na walang katuturan, ako ay sawang sawa na. Magbasa ka na lang ng tula. Masisigurado k...
  • love
  • unique
  • friendship
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Quotes On Moods by filipinese94
Quotes On Moodsby Parker
  • relateable
  • quoteoftheday
  • randomquotes
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Love me or hate me, this is my life by Naashida_AJ
Love me or hate me, this is my lifeby Naashida
well like you can see in the title this is a story of my life.... well not my life lyanie 's life which may seem ok from the outside but in her head she is insecure and...
  • girlfriend
  • school
  • relateable
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The Coffee People by justswimtotheshore
The Coffee Peopleby justswimtotheshore
Coffee, like people, is different in many ways. People are like coffee. No coffee or person is the same.
  • nicepeople
  • spititual
  • people
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High School Interviews by wattreader365
High School Interviewsby wattreader365
Kids from a high school are interviewed. Except it does not go as planned.
  • funny
  • relateable
  • school
Fable by creaky_swings
Fableby Venus
Sidney is a bit of an unknowing bad boy, he doesn't intentionally get in trouble, or have any bad motives. In fact, he's a bit of a push over. One day a detention goes...
  • mystical
  • teen
  • fighting
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Timeless by melissakaywrites
Timelessby Melissa Walter
Colten is still a little heartbroken after his breakup... But he tries to make the most of his night. New Years Party huh? Why not? Just don't say I didn't warn you...
  • relateable
  • new
  • heartbreak
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