Chapter 6: What the Punk?

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8 years later...

Coming home, well not really home. I call SWAG-LAND home, I obviously have more of a family there.

So quite alot happened in the span of 8 years, one thing remained the same, I'm still more punk rock than you, or anyone will ever be. 13 years old now and I still have long blonde hair, but now I wear makeup. Yeah yeah make fun of makeup but it sure helps my face. Dalton has changed, ALOT. Like he became all cute and not dorky, I cut his hair now so he doesn't get a bowl cut again, but now he looks like an anime character. Somehow he can pull it off though. You could call his style hipster? idk man what ever it is, its liked by manu girls. Erin is still a nerd (love ya erin•u•) playing minecraft but now she is dating that Allan kid, who knew? Well I did, I got them together. They are absolutely perfect for each other. Then there is Keith, DAAAMMNNM. Hes hot, and sure is a flirt. I kinda like him but lmao we besties so like no. He still has his long black hair and keeps it pulled back into a ponytail. You would call his style hot af. Finally there is me, I still have long blonde hair and blue eyes. I still wear t-shirts and jeans. I'm still me. Our lives haven't changed alot. Well Mister Harper and Miss Stone got engaged, Mister Harper is now 27 and Miss Stone is 26.

The bus pulls up towards the school as I see the white polished walls butterflies enter my stomach. God I missed this place, the memories and the people. I never get to see my friends because, well my parents- its not important.

Once the bus stops I run out of there. I run to my dorm hoping that I'm not the first to arrive. I'm so excited. I miss my family. I reach the door and unlock the it with my key. Opening the door I am greeted by my favorite people wating for me, just for me. I can't help but smile. "Hey guys." I say still with a huge stupid smile on my face. "Hey Ashe." Keith says with a big smile on his face aswell he hugs me tight. He towers over me. "Hey can I get some time with her?" Erin says in a jokingly annoyed voice. Keith pulls away and I hug Erin, "So hows the boo?" I ask. She laughs and replies,"I love the nerd." Dalton pushes Erin away from me."My turn" he says. I hug Dalton. "Whats up man?" I ask and he replies, "I've been needing a hair cut." He pulls away and we all start to laugh. "Gosh, I've missed you guys, but don't you dare tell anyone I said that. I have a reputation. "Yeah" Erin chuckles, "For being a big dork." I laugh and playfully punch her arm. We all catch up and have laid back conversation.

"Brrring." The bell rings. We all head to class. Since we are no longer preschoolers our room has become more of a classroom. Desks instead of tables, no more toys. Everybody takes their seat and wait for Mister Harper. Once he arrives the room feels almost...darker? Gloomier? His face looks worn out and sad. He has something on his mind...

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