Chapter 1: Too Punk Rock

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"Are we going up? or just going down..." Patrick Stump sings in my headphones. Ah starting out the day right with Fall Out Boy and some tea. Oh yeah, and today is my first day at a new pre-school. Its called "Swag-Land" sounds stupid already. Its a boarding school but not really too strict or so I've heard. My mom wants to call me everyday, whatever i guess. I put on a white t-shirt and jeans and brush through my golden hair, throw my back pack over my shoulder and head down stairs. "Good morning sweetie! I'm proud of you getting up and ready all by yourself! I made your lunch and packed a few snacks, Oh and-" I roll my eyes and sigh. "Mom I'm going into pre-school I can handle myself give me space gosh!" I stomp into the garage and get myself into my carseat. I cross my arms and put my earbuds in.

As we're driving I see a girl, about my age, riding on a bike. I don't want to be here... I'm scared, though I'd never tell my mother I'm glad she's walking me in today. "Look there it is!" Mom says in her usual chipper voice. "whatever..." I say as I look out the window.

I see the school. Its HUGE! It has 4 stories! The outside of it is completely white except for the windows those are black. (My mom says they're bulletproof. Thats pretty rad.) Infont of the school there is a Big Oak tree with a garden surrounding it and a couple benches. This place is beautiful! My mom parks infront of the school and escorts me in with all my stuff.

We get inside and see the inside is just as polished and beautiful. White marble walls with black porcline floors. The wall behind the all glass reception desk has an aquarium. This looks way to fancy to be a school, and one called Swag-Land? We walk up to the reception desk to see a lady typing really fast on a computer. She looks up at us with a smile and asks, "How can I help you?" my mother replies with a smile, "Hello, I'm bringing in my daughter, this is her first year she is to be joining pre-school." the lady asks "And what is her name?" I can't let my mom speak for me my whole life! I better speak up. "My name is Ashe! Ashe Lights!" the ladys looks down and smiles at me. "What a beautiful name for such a beautiful young lady!" I scowl and look over to the left. Im not beautiful! Im punk rock! She types a bit into her computer and says, "Ah yes! Right this way, Please." She starts walking and her heels click on the ground with every step. I grab my moms hand, I don't want to get lost...she better not say anything. My mom just looks down and smiles. We follow the lady down hallways and upstairs until we get to a room and she bends down and hands me a key. "This is the key to your room. Don't loose it, Ashe. Its very Important. Now go ahead open your room for the very first time." I stand on my tippy toes and unlock the door and push it open. There are two bunk beds. I turn to the lady. "Why are their four beds? Its just me." She laughs a bit which makes me cross my arms and scowl. "You will be sharing this room with 3 other girls. You better make friends with them because they will be here through out your whole time here." I sigh accepting my fate. Looking up at the woman I ask, "How long am I going to be staying here exactly?" my mother has told me a thousand time but I didn't listen due to my rebelious ways. "Oh until you graduate high school!" My jaw drops and tears start to fill my eyes. I don't care how soft this sounds I have to ask. "What about mom and dad?! I never get to see them till I graduate?!" My mom rushes over to me. "Sweetie we've gone over this remember?" I shake my head no. "I wasnt listening, MOM I LOVE YOU I DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE ME FOREVER!" she hugs me tight and says, "Sweetie listen to me, you wont be here forever you come home for summer, and holidays! And I'll come visit very very often. I didn't want to do this either its just your father he... Never mind." She smiles. "I will be here most of your first day okay?" I wipe tears from my eyes still not completely thrilled with the outcome but its still better than forever. I hug her. "Okay mom I'll be strong. I won't even cry anymore see?" I point to my eyes to show her. She smiles as a tear runs from her eye. "No mom don't! I'm being strong and you have to also." She wipes the tears away and agrees "You're completely right, now lets get unpacked." The lady smiles at the heart filled scene that just unrolled infront of her. "Press this button when you need help, I'll just be back at my desk." she leaves.

I chose a top bunk, these are the perks of coming places early, you get first pick! My mom helps me unpack everything, putting clothes in drawers and putting away drawing supplies and such. The room is pretty empty. I wonder what kind of roomates I'll get... I hope I like them. My mom sits on my bed and invites me to sit next to her. "I need to tell you something else about this school, its alot different than other schools." Climbing up the side of the bed I ask my mom "What do you mean?" Plopping my butt down next to her. I cock my head. She looks me in the eyes. "At this school you'll learn things other schools learn, like math and english. But you'll also learn well, I don't know how to say this in a way you'll understand." She looks away. "Well you know what the army is right, Ashe?" I smile and nod my head up and down. "People apply for the army to protect us from bad armys!" she nods her head "Yes, this school is a place that teaches you how to protect others, but you wont be joining the army. This school's name Swag-Land is just a code name. It means 'Specialty Warriors And Guardians - Leading And Never Defeated' its a program that teaches you how to protect the country in a much different way than the army. Using fighting techniques and magic. They will explain more when you're older. Now lets go find that nice lady!" Huh? all of that went right over my head. I'll understand when I'm older! Me and Mom get off the bed and press the button. Within 5 mins the lady came in "Now should we have a look around? You guys are early and many of the other new students have said they're running late so you'll get an extra special tour! Follow me please!" Her heels going clip clop on the floor she heads off down another hallway.

Down some stairs, take a right, take a left, Go foward. I'll never find my way around! We come to a set of two open doors and a room with Loooooooooooonnnnnnggggggggg tables like really long! They're Black tables with Black long benches on the side. The ground is the same as the rest of the building but the walls are burgundy bricks and plasted with posters that I can't read. "This is the eating hall. You will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner here." she walks out of the room quickly not giving me too much time to take it all in. Me and my mom scurry along behind the lady. Left, right, left, left, foward. THIS SCHOOL IS HUGE! We come to a open door with a man sitting at a desk in a room with, OH MY GOSH IS THAT THE NEW WONDER BALL?! IT CAN TURN INTO ANY TYPE OF BALL IF YOU JUST SAY THE NAME! I run over to grab it and the man from the desk looks over to me, oh no. I see his face, he must have just gotten out of high school he looks so young! A long face with blue-green eyes, rosy lips and short brown spiked up hair. I hope he isnt angry this isnt the kind of first impression I need. Standing up from his desk the young man walks over to me and bends down next to me and says, "Isnt that ball so cool!" he smiles. "Whats your name lil' missy?" I chuckle in relief that he isn't angry. "My name is Ashe!" I put my hand out to shake his hand and he grabs it firmly and gives a good strong hand shake. "And I am Mr.Harper! Nice to meet you Ashe! I believe you are one of my students!" the lady chimes in "Why yes she is! I brought her here because she was here early and I thought I should give her a look around!" He smiles to the lady which makes her face turn kinda red. Did he make her sick? "Well isn't this school really big?!"Mr.Harper asks. I chuckle "Yeah it is I think I'm gonna get lost tomorrow having to come all the way here by myself!" he sits criss-cross "Oh well you wont have too! First you go to breakfast which there will be people in the hallway helping you find the eating hall and then I'll announce that its time for my class then everybody from my class will come gather around me!" I sigh. Good I would never make my way around this school! "Well lil' missy I have some work to do but I'm excited to get to know you! Oh and you can have that ball if you'd like!" He stands up and instantly becomes a tower. I look up to him and smile and say, "Thank you Mister Harper!" he smiles and waves as we walk out of his class room. "He will be your teacher until you graduate so I hope you like him!" The lady said. I asked "Is that why he's so young? So he wont die?" the lady laughs and I dont like it when people laugh at me so I cross my arms and pout. "Yes i guess thats very true and Mr. Harper is 19 he is very young for his job." We continue on.

The lady shows me a few more rooms with people who treat me like a baby (Mister Harper treated me like an adult, he's pretty rad) and I got alot of looks from older kids who would say things like "Aww shes so adorable" and such. I dont like it I'm not cute I'm Punk! Whatever. It was almost time for others to start arriving so my mom took me too my room and said "I love you sweetie but its time for me to go. I'll call you tonight!" she kissed me on the head and i hugged her tight. Then she left. I took out my ear buds, some paper and pencil then started drawing and listening to music.

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