Chapter 18: This Is Nice But Not Punk Rock

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What could we possibly be doing that I need to be fancy for? I follow Keith and I have no idea where we are going. When he finally turns around and says,"Put this on." Its a blind fold. I look at him with skepticism which only makes him chuckle, and I proceed to put on the blind fold. We get on a bus at one point, the rest is unknown to me.

When finally he says,"Take off the blind fold." I take it pff to see we're back in our dorm? With Dalton, Erin and Alan? I turn to Keith,"Why did we ride a bus?" he smiles,"I couldn't let you know we were gonna be in the building." Keith the joins them all looking at me with huge grins of their face. I start to look around,"What is it?" I pratically whine. Dalton hand me a box that's wrapped,"Happy birthday!" they all exclaim. I sigh,"Guys my birthday is in the summer." Erin jumps up and down,"We know, we know just open it!" I open it to see, plane tickets and forms? Keith explains,"We know how much you hate going home for summer, so... we all are going for a 'Class trip' over the summer from now on. It's mandatory, you just send a form home so that your parents know, okay?" I look to the tickets then to them and tears well up in my eyes. This is the BEST gift I could ever get. I burst into tears. I spread out my arms signaling group hug. We all embrace.

I love these dorks.

((A/N: Sorry for short chapter!))

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