Chapter 9: Will this Finally Be Punk Rock

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Unsure of what to do I start to doodle a bit. Keith sits infront if me and turns his chair backwards, and stick his face infront of my drawing,"Whatcha' drawing?" he asks in a silly voice. I chuckle,"Just doodling a bit. What do you think of...everything?" He crosses his arms on my desk and rests his chin on his arms,"Well its alot to take in, scary as shit, but honestly seems like alot of fun. Imagine fighting side by side with your best friends on earth to save the world you live on. Thats exactly what we will be doing and if I have to do it with anyone I would rather it be with you than someone else." My face starts to warm up, please tell me I'm not blushing. Keith chuckles a bit. I must be blushing. He gently grabs my hand,"You are so cute when you are flustered." He slips his hand out of mine ever so gently and turns to face the front of the class. Damn flirt, don't play with my emotions.

"Alright everyone sit yourself down I have more crucial information. The rest of your time here will be training no more academics." score yessssss no math. "Lots of training today is just a introduction, everything will start to become more intense, you will be forced to mature much faster than other 13 year olds. I hope you all will succeed. My part is over. You all will now have an interview with the headmaster, I wish you luck. When I call your name you will follow Miss Stone to The headmasters office."A few moments of silence,"Heather, its your turn for your interrogat- Interview." I watch as Heather follows Miss Stone out the door.

Keith turns back around,"What do you think happens there?" he asks. "I have no clue, maybe simple questions? I dont know." Keith laughs,"Its gotta be more than that, maybe they hook you up to a lie detector and ask you a series of questions." I roll my eyes,"Yeah sure." he laughs harder,"Hey man don't say it's impossible." His laugh is so contagious i can't help but laugh at his laugh. Dalton walks over,"Whats so funny guys?" i reply with, "Keith's dorky laugh." me and Dalton start laughing even harder as Keith pretends to pout. "So Ashe you scared for the interview?" Dalton asks pulling up a seat near me and Keith. "Well yeah, we've never even met the headmaster in the 8 years we've been here." Keith nods in agreement. "What if he's like a really nice guy and we're getting worked up for nothing." Dalton says cracking himself up. "Do you really think the headmaster is gonna be all, come in and be merry. No hes gonna be like, 'I'm hard as dicks.'" Keith says making himself laugh even more.

Heather walks in the door with Miss Stone. Mister Harper calls out,"Keith, its your turn." Keith stands up as he does the hunger games salute and I do it back. This makes the whole class laugh. Erin walks over to Heather,"What happened?" she asks. "I'm not allowed to say..." Heather says with a very blank expression. Erin walks over and sits in Keiths seat,"We're not allowed to talk about it guys, this is kinda weird." Dalton nods,"But there is no way getting out of it." he replies. True. We talk awhile longer untile Keith comes back. "Erin, its your turn." Mister Harper announces. I wave as Erin leaves with Miss Stone. "Dude what happened in there?" I ask Keith. He looks at us dead in the eyes,"I can't say dudes." Dalton sighs. I start thinking, whats so secretive about this "interview"?

After awhile Erin comes back. "Dalton your turn." Mister Harper says emotionless as if he was a robot. This is not what Mister Harper wants for us, I can tell. "Erin please tell me what happened." she just looks down and replies ,"Sorry." I push harder, "About what?" she looks up,"I can't tell you anything, I can't." We continue talking about other things and finally Dalton comes back. I'm not even gonna try, hes gonna say the same thing.

"Ashe, you're up." Mister Harper says. I follow Miss Stone to see the headmaster.

((A/N: SUSPENSE! Hope you enjoyed!))

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