Chapter 27

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During his laughing fit I approach him a push him down. Once he hits the floor, its dead silent. Suddenly red light flashes and his face is illuminated, brown eyes, blonde hair and the dirtiest scowl on his face. "You've always been mine, you'll always be mine... although now I must bid you adieu, mon chéri." With that I'm blinded by red light and then the room is pitch black again and I hear a click. "Glad that fuck boy's gone." I sigh to myself as I leave the door that had just been unlocked. It's now morning? I look back down at my watch and it's 10:00 am. What the fuck, I was in there for like 5 mins tf, okay. Everyone is just waking up, now I don't have to be alone. I see Erin's eyes slowly open so I pat her face a couple of times,"Shh it's okay." I whisper. She just stares at me, her eyebrows furrowed. "Seriously Ashe." I can feel the angst coming from her voice,"Woah sorry ms.grumpy who peed in your ceral?" I reply. "Stfu." She says, well SOMEONE here isn't a morning person. I head back to my seat and watch Avengers Age Of Ultron for the rest of the flight. We get to school around 3:00 pm. I see Dalton run of the jet and puke,"Ewww." Erin exclaims. "Bruh you're not a good flyer are you?" I ask. He waves off both mine and Erins commemt with his hand as he continues to empty his stomach. 1..2..3, wait... Where's Keith? Fuck we forgot him didn't we he's at that inn place thingy damnit. Just incase my instinct isn't correct I go back on the jet in search for him and there he is sleeping. Ha he looks so helpless. Taking advantage of this moment I pull out a dry erase marker and draw a dumb as french mustace on his face. Haha he looks so dumb. I wake him up. "Hey Keith the flight is over lets go." He looks at me at smiles,"Thanks." He gets up and leave the jet and I laugh my ass off. I follow out of the jet and Erin is trying to hold back laughter, "Hey Keith do you like baguettes?" He scrathes his head thoughtfully, "Yeah they're pretty good, I guess... That kind of a weird question." he replies. Dalton who is done puking joins in, "What about French Fries." Keith chuckles,"You guys are goofballs." As he walks towards the school building, and we all follow.

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