Chapter 28

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*6 Months Later*
~Around February~

"Lauren." Chelsie shook me awake. Even after six months my dreams are invaded by him. I often trick myself into thinking that he's still here. Does he remember me? Does he remember our promise? I find it hard to believe that I still love him so much after so long. My heart never died. How did he react after reading my note? So many unanswered questions.

"One of them days?" Chelsie sighed and I nodded.
"We'll find him, Lauren. He's here somewhere."

"What if he's dead..?" I frowned and smoothed down my hair.

Chelsie sighed and picked up her handgun. We were running out of ammo fast. I'm only eating a couple times a week, food is severely scarse, it wont be long until one day I just fall down. I've never been so weak.

"We should get going, we need to find food, we only have enough for today." Chelsie sighed again, her body was lacking it's shine, she was too skinny and I wasn't much better. I lost my fire.

I grabbed my machete and rose from where I was sleeping. I quickly chucked everything into my rucksack, which was still together after all these months. We camped on the side of the road for months on end. It was getting too tiring, sometimes I wish I could just go to sleep for days and forget everything.

"Chelsieeee," I groaned.
"Slow down! I'm still sore from the amount of walking we did yesterday."

Chelsie laughed and waitied for me to catch up to her. The sun beated down on my back, a welcome feeling after the hard winter we had. It got so cold we couldn't sleep outside, we were confined to a cabin for months. We walked together down the dusty road, I was glad I had someone. I wouldn't have been able to survive on my own.

"Maybe we'll find a town of survivors and we can live happily ever after." Chelsie blew out a sigh and brushed some ginger hair from her face.

I chuckled.

The road never seemed to change. There was rarely anything worth investigating on these roads. Sometimes a huge horde, other times some dead people stripped of their food and weapons.

"Is that a church?" Chelsie asked and pointed to the white building up ahead. Sure enough a sepal alerted me to the fact it was an actual church, something I had forgotten still existed in all this. Nothing can save us now.

I jogged to get a closer look, I'm not sure why, but maybe it was safe, maybe we could stay there for awhile. I sighed when I took a look at the doors, all boarded up. A sign hung outside the door 'St. Sarah's Church.'

"It has Walkers inside." I sighed when Chelsie caught up.

"There could be survivors nearby." She mumbelled.

"Let's just keep moving." I said, taking one last look at the church before leaving it behind.

More walking. Something I really enjoyed. I wish I could just find somewhere safe. The house that Carl and I stayed in for a couple of weeks was perfect. Judith loved it there, she was safe. Does she remember me? By every passing day I'm forgetting more and more of them all. Sometimes it takes me awhile to even call their faces back to mind. Daryl and his crossbow. Michonne and her katana. I missed them all so much. I love Carl. Something that hasn't changed with time, because everytime I look at the ring he gave me, I remember the moment when he gave it to me.

"Should we make another camp?" Chelsie sighed, tossing the handgun between each of her hands.

"We should.. it's getting late." I mumbelled in reply.

Chelsie unpacked all our things, which wasn't much. We shared our final can of beans. The lack of nutrition was taking it's toll on us. I was becoming more tired earlier and I found it hard to fight, which is something I told myself would never happen.

I layed down on the sheet while Chelsie took first watch.

"...Forever." She giggled and let me rest. It wasn't long until I fell asleep.


"Can you take Judith today?" I asked Carl and he nodded before wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug.

"What was that for?" I giggled lightly.

"You just looked like you needed a hug."


"It's so stupid. I haven't even kissed you but I really really like you, Lauren. As soon as you waltzed into my life with my little sister in your arms, there was something about you. I just couldn't get you out of head."

I smiled even though I was completely speechless.

I couldn't deny I had feelings for Carl, because I do. It's so stupid in the middle of an apocalypse but I can't deny it.

"I-I'm sorry for freaking out.. I just couldn't imagine a world without you in it. This is extremely sappy and cheesy but I don't care." Carl finished.


"I could get used to this." I wrapped my arms around Carl's neck and pecked his lips while he straddled my waist.

"Took you long enough though." I giggled and Carl laughed.

"You are like.. way out of my league. Took a lot of courage."


"Will you, Lauren Dixon, be my girlfriend?"


"I'll never give up on finding you, Lauren. I'll never loose you. I'll always find you. I promise. Promise you'll find me?" Carl's electric blue eyes glossed over, like he was thinking of the inevitable.

"I promise, Carl." I choked out.


"Remember our promise."

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