Chapter 47

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Memories always came to me at the most unexpected times. I was forced to relive what I had endured through the last few years.

When I finally cracked open my eyes, I was met by a dim light, streaming in from the one small rectangular window on the concrete wall. I struggled under the bindings that wrapped around my arms and legs. My head felt heavy, probably from whatever I had been drugged with.

Panic blossomed and flowed through my body when I heard footsteps above me, leading me to the conclusion I was bound in a basement somewhere. I scanned the dimly lit room, looking for anything that could help me escape. The concrete room consisted of a few shelves, stacked with cardboard boxes, a couple of gas canisters, mechanical tools and scrap metal. My eyes landed on my backpack in the corner, but I couldn't see my machete anywhere. I sighed in defeat and leaned back against the wooden chair, waiting for the inevitable moment when someone would come down those concrete steps to question me, or worse.

I was already missing the company of people with me, not a year ago I would have hated to be with anyone, but things change.

I could hear distant footfalls growing closer and I sighed, bracing myself for when my assailant would come down the stairs. When he did, I was surprised. I expected a grumpy old man but I was greeted by a relatively young man, bearing a smile. I could see straight through him, that smile was his first plan. He seemed to be around the thirty mark, stubble for a beard, tall, tanned with dark hair.

"I was wondering when someone would come down. I was starting to get bored." I boldly stated, offering a sarcastic smile.

He seemed taken aback, but then he let out a loud chuckle and pulled a wooden chair from the back of room. He dragged the chair infront of me and sat down, it was then I saw the silvery gleam of light hit his weapon, my weapon.

"Did your mommy never tell you it's rude to steal peoples things?" I questioned, scowling while keeping my eyes on the machete hanging from his belt. He ignored me, chuckling some more.

"Where are the rest of your people?" He asked, his voice deep and commanding.

"What do you mean? I have no people." I said, cocking my head to the side.

Before I even had time to think, he threw the chair back and pulled a knife from up his sleeve, within three seconds it was held up against my neck.
"Don't lie to me. There has to be more."

"I'm not lying." I swallowed, the blade digging into my neck, just not enough to draw blood.

"I don't believe you."

"Well, that's your problem."

He cursed under his breath and pulled the chair back from where it was flung against the wall, before taking a seat once more.
"Why aren't you afraid?"

I feigned a yawn and stared him down with a neutral expression.
"Well, it's not exactly the first time I've been bound to a chair and questioned. I suppose you know where that guy is."

I flashed him a menacing smile and he laughed.
"Believe me, there isn't any way history will repeat itself with me."

"If you say so." I mumbelled with a thoughtful expression.

"What are you thinking of?"

"How I'm going to kill you. What would you rather? Bleed out? Or be turned?"

I laughed and his face contorted in anger, a fist shot out and connected with my jaw. Pain exploded in my jaw and I laughed, spitting a mouthful of blood onto the ground.
"Quite a powerful punch you got there."

"Tell me where your group are. We heard talking. I know there is more of you." He demanded, spinning the dagger in his hands.

"I don't know where they are. Use your brain, if I knew where they were, I would be with them."

"I know you weren't in that house alone," He said, pressing the knife onto my thigh. "Tell me where they have gone."

"I don't know where my imaginary group has gone." I replied. Where could they have gone? Daryl would have tried to track them, but that would mean that they are around here somewhere. He seemed unsatisfied with my reply, so he pressed the blade harder against my skin and I yelped, he pulled it across my thigh, cutting my jeans and skin in the process. I cursed as tears pricked my eyes, but I didn't allow them to fall.

"Do you think we have telepathy or something?" I screamed when he pulled the knife away from my body. "For gods sake, I don't know where they went."

"That's all I needed to know." He smiled and I realised that I had finally admitted that I wasn't alone. I let my head fall back against the wooden chair and I sighed. My thigh was throbbing, deep red blood soaking through my jeans.
"I'm James, by the way."

James cut the bindings on my hands and legs, before proceeding to drag me up the basement steps. I ended up in a hallway, coloured a pale yellow and panelled in wood. I was pulled into a kitchen, where a couple of men sat eating non-perishable food.

"Why'd you cut her, James?" One of them said, with an eyebrow raised. "She's just a girl, hardly caused that much trouble."

"Stay in a room with her for five minutes and try not to cut her." James replied stiffly, throwing me onto a chair. He pulled out a can of beans and pushed it to me, demanding me to eat it. My stomach betrayed me and I devoured the food, savouring every morcle for fear I wouldn't get to eat anytime soon.

"So," I started. "Any reason you brought me up here, or was it just for a little meet and greet?"

"You know," James muttered. "If we weren't in this situation, I would have recruited you. Fiesty little bitch."

"Ha," I scoffed. "Like Hell I would join you."

"Maybe if you shut up, your death will be quick and painless."

"Wow," I laughed humourlessly. "How thoughtful of you. If I'm going down, I may as well go down in a blaze of fire and blood."

"Oh, shut up, will you?" He groaned.

"Who crawled up your ass and died. You brought me here, you are keeping me here, you have to deal with me." I stated.

"There are ways to make you quiet," He spoke, his voice low and threatening. "But you mightent like them. So I suggest you shut up."

I sighed in defeat and leaned back against the chair, keeping my eyes on the white ceiling above me.

"You are going to help us get your friends." James stated blandly, spooning a mouthful of soup into his mouth.

"And what makes you think I'm going to do that?" I laughed again, staring James down with a smirk.

"If you want to see your little boyfriend again you will do as I say."

I froze.



I kind of invision James as Theo James, I'd say he could make a good bad guy. Lauren is too sassy for her own good XD

We only have like ten or so chapters left :O I'd say this book will be finished before September ! :)


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