Chapter 48

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SURPRISE! My little note is at the start because it's important. Now you may all see a strange picture up above this and wonder what the hell that is but guess what... You are looking at...


Yes, I, miss author lady has decided to write a totally awesome sequel for this book. Earlier on today I would have said this book is done and dusted in 6 chapters but I had a stroke of genius and it's happening! So five or so chapters + epilogue and the sequel will begin.

The title will make no sense right now but it will in the epilogue :)

- The bat shit crazy author lady



It had always been a strong emotion for me. When someone bumped into me and sent me stumbling forward in the street or when someone broke one of my pens in school. Anger can come from anything, small or large. It has the ability to build up over time, the smallest thing releasing it upon the most unsuspecting person.

For me, anger was uncontrollable. It seeped into my very being and it took an abundance of self-control to calm myself. It was a fiery blaze inside of my soul, teasing me with the satisfaction of revenge, dangled on a string infront of me. Begging me to let the darkness in.

All the anger that had built up inside of me these past few months was released that very moment the words James uttered dawned on me. Without thinking I had backhanded him, leaving behind an angry red handprint and a stain of blood rising from under his skin.

"You bitch!" He cursed, cradling his cheek. His other men were shocked, frozen in their seats with a look of disbelief plastered on their faces.

"I'm going to kill you!" I screamed and lunged forward, my fist catching the edge of his jaw as he tried to turn away from me. I was pulled sharply from behind but I kicked back, pushing whoever grabbed me back into the wall, hard.

I grabbed a steak knife from the table infront of me and lunged again, missing James throat by mear inches. This sent me flying forward over the table and onto the tile floor beneath me. I made it to my feet but it was too late to duck before the blunt end of a handgun crashed down onto my skull.

The darkness was more appealing this time.


I felt the pain in my head before I pried my eyes open. I outwardly groaned when I felt the same old bindings on my hand, but this time I wasn't strapped to a chair. My hands were very tightly tied to a small metal radiator bound to the wall by cement.

The chair I was bound to before was in a dark corner on the other side of the room, with the man I had hoped not to see sitting upon it. In my many years experience living in the shadow of darkness, I had never been captive this long. It was over twenty-four hours by now and I was hating every second of it.

"That was a bad idea." James' voice came out low and dangerous. I finally brought my gaze up to his face and mentally high-fived myself for the state it was in. A large purple bruise sat on the right of his face, starting at the edge of his jaw and ending at his cheekbone. The left side of his face still held the red outline of my hand.

"Aren't you looking dandy." I spat and he pursed his lips together in anger. His patience was wearing thin and I loved it.

Carl couldn't be here, I would have heard something. He may think he has power over me, he is all but convincing and I am not going to play his little game. Why make me admit I was with a group if he already knew?

"I'm done playing nice with you," He stated, his tone sharp and full of anger. "I gave you a choice, play this easy or play it hard. You chose the latter. You hardly want me to harm the boy?"

I chuckled darkly.
"You aren't fooling anyone with this little 'I have your boyfriend' routine. I'm not stupid, and I would think you would give me more credit than that."

James' face contorted in pure rage, his already red face turning even more crimson.
"You are such a stupid girl. Have you no care for your life?"

"Look," I scanned the room dramatically. "This is me searching for a fuck to give."

James laughed, which caught me off guard for a second. He slowly rose from his chair and walked over to me, kneeling down infront of me with an insincere smile on his face.

"I lost my ability to give a shit long ago, maybe if you caught me in my younger years you'd be able to manipulate me." I seethed, each word laced with venom and hate. It was the best I could do in my position. James sneered and poked the spot on my face that I could feel was bruised and swollen from the last time I angered him. Then he chuckled and brought his fist back, nailing the exact spot he touched a moment ago. My head swam and the bitter metallic taste of blood pooled in my mouth. I spat out the red and laughed, bearing my white teeth which were stained red with blood.

"Just do it already."

"Do what?" He stood back up, his face void of any emotion. Nothing for what he just forced me to endure.

"Kill me." I spat, hating myself for letting it come to this. I had hoped my end would come when I was fighting, but some things just don't work out.

"I'm not done with you yet." James stated, running his fingertips over the fist he used to punch me with. I grimaced at the thought of staying here for another day. I had wished that someone would come to rescue me but I also don't want them to risk their lives for me.

"Why?" I asked, spitting more blood onto the concrete floor. James ignored my question and turned back around to face me.

"Are you going to help me?" He asked and I chuckled. My head was throbbing and my mouth still lined with my own blood but I would never give in.

"Go to hell."

James clenched his fist for another go when he was interrupted by some shouting and gunshots. My heart began to race and my breathing quickened. Were they here for me? I pushed the thoughts of rescue to the back of my mind when James rushed up the stairs and left me alone in the basement. How many men did he have anyway?

The ropes scratched against my hands and I didn't doubt there would be a lovely red mark to look at if I ever got out of these binds. If. The commotion above me didn't die down and I sighed, trying to listen. There was nothing valuable I could hear. I could see myself dying in here, rotting in a basement below the world. Will I ever see the light of day again?

Of course I will, I'll get out of here soon. When they let their guard down. My stomach rumbelled and I cursed. I couldn't stand another day in this dump.

The gunshots abruptly stopped but the shouting didn't cease. It sounded almost victorious and I sighed. Salty tears sprang to my eyes but I pushed the sadness away. I needed to get out.

Nothing happened for minutes and I was beginning to think that they had a mass of bodies to contend with. I hoped that it wasn't Carl. I hoped with all of my being, I couldn't bear to be the reason for his death. The footsteps got louder and the basement door flew open.

All I could see was the dark silhuette of a body being dragged down the steps and across the concrete floor.


Who is it?!

We will find out next chapter B)


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