Chapter 14

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I woke up to the busy shuffling around the prison. Carl still had his arms wrapped securely around my waist and I blushed at that sudden realisation. I smiled softly and untangled myself from his grasp. He whined but didn't wake.

Looking back at his sleeping figure, I slipped my handgun into it's holster and my machete on my hip. I grabbed my rucksack before leaving the cell, maybe for the last time. I opted for a quick shower before stepping into the canteen. Rick was ordering a few people around while checking the supplies we had. I lifted a gleeming silver dagger from the pile of weapons and slipped it into my boot.

Just incase.

Everything was stuffed into bags and rucksacks, ready to go if shit got bad. Which was probably going to happen. Being pessimistic was always a way for me, I was always a glass-completely-empty kind of person. But for once in my life, I held a little hope for the future. I had found someone that understood me, I had found an extension of myself, and I wasn't ready to loose him.

"Need any help?" I asked Rick, deciding to busy myself to silence my wandering mind.

He really did look bad, worried even, he had bags under his eyes and his hands were shaking even though he tried to hide it. I was the same, this uneasy feeling in my stomach was growing with every passing second and I was fearing for the safety of the people I had come like being around.

"Go up to that watch tower and keep an eye out. Being ambushed would cost a lot of lives," Rick mumbeled, waving me off before turning back to whatever he was doing.

I nodded briskly and headed out the door. The day was only beginning and the first cracks of light were painting the sky orange. The air was cool and the whole atmosphere was calming, even though it should be much different.

I pulled myself up the ladder, one bar at a time. I stepped up into the tower and sighed, feeling the uneasyness that blossomed in the pit of my stomach. Michonne had left a sniper so I picked it up, positioning the barrel out the window, leaning against it to steady myself. I peered into the large scope and checked for any movement.


The anticipation was killing me and I feared for everyone. Especially Carl and Judith. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, releasing a pent up breath I didn't even know I was holding. I just wanted to get this over with and continue into the unforseeable future.

I heard footsteps clang against the metal ladder and I was soon joined by Carl, his hat atop his head and a small, nervous smile on his face.

"Sleep well?" I asked absently, ignoring the small surge of contentment at his presence.

"Yeah," Carl blushed, fiddling with his sheriff hat. I smiled at his expression and looked away for fear my cheeks would stain crimson.

Carl and I sat watching the treeline for a couple of hours before we were called down to the ground by Maggie.

It was about midday and everyone was on edge, awaiting the attack that was supposed to come. Guilt surged inside me and I felt useless for not completing my task.

"I want you guys to stay inside with Judith," Rick ordered, sharing a look of pleading withe me and I reluctantly nodded.

If things were getting bad of course I was going to help, whether he allowed it or not, and he knew it. Carl did too.

Everyone got into their positions, aiming whatever they had at the gate that lay alone and unguarded. I opened the front door and let the light into the prison, my eyes never leaving that gate, awaiting a moment when someone would pop out of nowhere. Walkers pounded at the fences and silence descended on the prison.

Only moments later the squeeling high-pitched noise of tyres on dirt echoed through the silent prison. I caught the sight of the van, pretty big in size, hurtelling towards the gate at a speed that would kill anyone on collision, if they were colliding with a brick wall of course.

The van crashed into the metal gate and I grabbed my pistol. What I didn't expect to see was.. Walkers. Piling out of the now busted open truck. The noise had attracted even more and now we had a horde approaching. The walkers that previously surrounded the gates were piling through the busted open gate.

The Governors men piled in from the opposite side of the prison and that's when the gunshots started. My eyes widened in fear and I shut the door.

"Carl get to somewhere safe, I'll be right back."

Carl protested but I ignored him and stepped out into the light with my pistol clutched to my chest. I breathed in deeply to calm myself and continued on.

It was utter chaos, our people were holding their own but it wasn't going to last. That was proven when one of the new members were pushed to the ground and eaten alive by a Walker. I cringed, pulling my gaze away, and pushed down the steps, the Governor's men started to retreat, happy with the mess they caused.

I pushed out towards them, running as fast as my legs could take me. I stopped behind a broken wall and started to shoot. I fired bullet after bullet towards them, silently praying that one met its target.

That's when I witnessed Andrea's body fall to the ground. Blood pooling around her, origionating at a bullet wound in her chest. I left my cover and skidded on my knees, stopping infront of her.

"A-Andrea. Hold on.. I-I got you." I stuttered, holding down the wound on her chest. Shock took over my body but I kept myself as focused as I could.

"L-Lauren." Andrea let out a wheezy breath, "Get out of here. Now."

I ignored her pleads for me to leave and held down on her chest. The blood still soaked through her top despite my futile attempts to stop it.

"Men. Hold your fire!" That was the voice I was hoping not to hear.

The Governor sauntered over to where I was kneeling beside Andrea and pulled me up by my hair, making me cry out in pain. He held his gun to my back to stop me from moving.

I glaced up to him. He now wore a black, pirate type, eyepatch over his right eye. His expression only showed pure hatred. He glared down at me, tightening his grip on my hair.

"I'll end this attack. If I can have her."
He spat, his good eye never leaving me.

The group had all accumulated about thirty feet from where I was, weapons pointed to the Governor and his men, which was now cut down to about eight men. I looked to my friends, hoping that they wouldn't kill themselves for me, but also hoping that I could live long enough to see Carl again.

"You can't have her," Rick seethed, igniting hope inside of me. "There are more of us than you. We will kill you."

The Governor laughed, a menacing laugh full of hatred and loathing. He pulled on my hair and I cried out again. He pushed me down onto the ground and aimed his pistol at my head.

My desperate eyes found Carl's, who was standing in the prison doorway.

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