Chapter 12

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I woke up to a dim light of morning shining in through the moldy windows of the prison. I slowly crawled off the bunk and down onto the cell floor, trying to be quiet incase my innmate was still asleep.

"Lauren, your arm is bleeding," Carl pointed out, frowning and got out of bed.

"It's alright, Carl," I assured, gesturing for him to keep resting. He shook his head and I sighed. "I can clean it up later."

"Let me get new bandages," He insisted and I reluctantly nodded. At least I have someone who cares about my well-being.

Carl left the cell and quickly returned with a fresh pack of bandages and a bottle of water. He pointed to the bed and I sat down, shooting him an irritated look.

"Here, this is for you," Carl smiled handing me the water before gently grabbing my arm and positioning it infront of him.

Carl bandaged my arm as gently as he could and I couldn't help laughing at how his face contorted in concentration.

"What?" He asked, a short nervous laugh escaping his lips.

"It's just," I started, suddenly feeling quite stupid. "YouLookCuteWhenYou'reConcentrated."

"What?" He looked at me with a raised eyebrow and a half-smile

I sighed.

"I said you look cute when you're concentrated."

Carl blushed, a redness creeping up from his neck and staining onto his cheeks like a bright rosy hue. I bit my tongue to quell the nervous laugh before it passed my lips.

I didn't just say that.

"Come on, Carl." I said suddenly, changing the topic of conversation before it got any more awkward. "You can do the watch with me."

I pulled him through the canteen area, past prison dwellers and his family. Michonne flashed me a knowing smirk and I scrunched up my nose at her, making her laugh. I climbed the ladder of the watch tower with one arm, cradeling the other to my chest. Carl was close behind and I plucked the sniper off the ground, surveying the prison with the metallic scope.

I slowly traced through the trees and stopped at a car, half hidden behind the wall of trees that surrounded the prison. A group of about three men stood outside chatting amongst themselves. Each of them held a gun in their hands. I could almost swear I saw that car at Woodbury.

"Carl take a look at this," I mumbelled, my mind mulling over the new information. "I think they're from Woodbury."

Carl stared through the sniper scope at the car and people surrounding it.
"They were at Woodbury. Are you sure the Governor is dead?"

"I-I don't know.. " I said quickly, suddenly becoming quite panicked. "I stabbed his eye. Oh god, maybe he survived."

Carl pulled my arm and we slid down the ladder to the watch tower.
"Where are we going, Carl?"

"We are going to Woodbury," He announced, his forehead creased in worry. "We need to know if they are planning an attack. I don't want to worry the others so you come with me."

I nodded helplessly and followed Carl out the prison gates, careful not to attract any attention.

The walk wasn't that long, the miles flew by as we snuck in through the forest, making sure to be hidden by all the trees. The gates of Woodbury were fixed, held together loosely but safe enough to keep Walker's out.

Two guards stood posted outside the gates, each armed with an assault rifle and a knife. I gestured for Carl to follow me. I practically crawled closer to the men, hiding behind the row of trees that surrounded Woodbury and most of Georgia.

"Are we going to attack that prison?" A man with pitch black hair asked, swirling his knife in his hands.

"Yeah, the scouts found them holed up there this mornin' Governor says we are goin' tomorrow." This came from a blonde man, well built with a tough demeanour.

"He wants that bitch that stabbed his eye out." The raven haired man laughed humourlessly. "Good luck ta' her. She's dead when he gets there."

"I heard she's a fiesty lil bitch." Blondie grinned, making my stomach turn. "Mightn't be so easy."

I whimpered and Carl slung his arm across my shoulder in reassurance. I glanced at him, a pained expression clouded his face.

Stay strong. You're better than this.

"There ain't gonna be a prison left when he's done." Blondie finished with a menacing smile.

They are in danger because of you.

"Let's get out of here." Carl whispered and I nodded weakly.

He is in danger because of you.

We stuck to the trees on the way back. I held my head low and trodded across the dead leaves in deep thought. How could I have let this happen? Why couldn't I have finished him off when I got the chance?

"It's alright, Lauren," Carl said, a futile attempt to reassure me. "We'll survive this."

"It's my fault, Carl," I shook my head, tears stinging my eyes. But never to fall. "I didn't kill him and now everyone is in danger."

Carl stopped walking and faced me, his face stone cold yet it held a compassion only I could see.

"It wasn't your job to kill him, Lauren." He said sternly. "It was given to you. I'd be worried about you not everyone else."

I felt the sudden impulse to hug him, so I did. I walked up to Carl and wrapped my arms around his waist, letting my head lie against his chest. Carl held me tight and brushed the stray strands of hair from my forehead.

"I'm gonna take care of you," He whispered and I felt a sudden warmth flood through my veins. I smiled against him, feeling a hope I haden't felt in a long time.

"Thank you, Carl." I whispered, barely audible, even to myself.

He didn't let me go. Carl stood there, his arms tightly wrapped around me, and traced circles in my back until I finally gained my composure and stepped away from him, flashing him a lobsided smile.

I pulled away, feeling flushed and slightly awkward but Carl linked our fingers together and the ghost of a smile crossed my face. My heart continued to thump each step I took, and I loved every second of it.

It's just to make me feel better.

"Your hands are really soft," Carl laughed, the pad of his thumb continuously running over the back of my hand.

"An old friend of mine used to call them 'squishy' and poke them." I laughed besides the situation. I haden't reminiced about my past in a long time.

(Author's Note : You know who you are.)

Carl and I walked in silence, our fingers intertwined until the large fences of the prison came into view. I felt a lump form in my throat and guilt tugged at my heart.

We now had to tell everyone they weren't safe. That their new home might fall into the grips of something evil because of me. It's funny how fast your world can come crashing down around you. The false sense of security proven false. In that moment you feel completely exposed, and you are nothing less than that.

I'm scared and that's not something that happens often.

I'm scared that I'm going to lose what I just found.

O.o Shit gonna go down :'( No sunshine and rainbows here.

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