Chapter 2

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I set Judith down among some sheets in the gas station and sighed. How was I supposed to take care of a child? Who the hell brings a baby into this world let alone this goddam gas station? Crazy people, that's who. If they gave a shit about their safety and the child's safety they would have used protection.

Easy. You don't know their story.

I decided to do some shopping. I slung the rucksack over my shoulder and ran down the isles. I needed baby food, Judith was probably hungry. I ignored my own stomach and focused on the child that's life was in my hands.

The baby isle was against the back wall of the gas station. I packed my bag full of powdered milk and small jars of baby food. I don't exactly know how to care for a child, I'm only fifteen. What if she gets sick? What will I do then?

Thankfully, there was cans of all sorts of processed foods for me. The gas station was stocked with water bottles. Perfect for feeding Judith her milk. The world decided not to hate me for once.

I stocked whatever I could fit into my rucksack and returned to Judith. I sat my flashlight on the floor and added powdered milk and water to a small plastic bottle I found in the baby isle.

I know you are supposed to heat the milk, but it really isn't like I had much choice here and I'm sure Judith has gotton used to the rough lifestyle. Judith happily chugged down the milk and I sighed in relief, wiping the imagionary sweat from my brow.

I can do this.

I walked back down to the baby isle to see if there is anything I needed. I scanned the shelves and laid my eyes on anything I might need.

"Aw, perfect!" I smiled for the first time in ages at the sight of the carrier. I could easily carry Judith with her strapped against my stomach, well, that's what I assume. I don't know how long I'll have this child. If I find her parents then hopefully not long. Can I give her back to people who were so careless?

This place was so stocked I could keep going for months, but I needed to leave soon. It's not safe enough for a baby. I really should find her family soon.

I checked behind the counter for any weapons, usually these places have some means of protecting themselves. Sure enough there was a handgun strapped under the cashiers desk. I laughed to myself and tucked it into my rucksack. It had a full round of ammo. Not much, but enough for now. I need to avoid fighting close range with Judith.

I rummaged through the drawers and found an old western style belt and holster which sat perfectly on my hip. I pulled the handgun out of my bag and holstered it.

Good for emergencies.

I filled up my rucksack with whatever else I needed and slumped down against the wall behind the desk, my machete beside me.

Impossibly, I slept.


Judith was happily strapped to my chest and the rucksack was securely slung over my shoulders. I took one last look at the gas station that was now devoid of all necessities.

"Come on Judith, let's go." I whispered and stepped out into the Georgia sun. I stared down the dusty road and sighed.

They could be anywhere now.

I set off down the dusty road. It's a road that leads to nowhere, but I have to go. Judith gurgled happily and I smiled. I always loved kids, I used to take care of my cousins occasionally.

I frowned at the thought of my family. I could hardly say I had a family. There were cousins I saw a few times a year, but that's about it. I remembered when I used to stay with my older cousin. He would tell me that he would take me away from the life I lived when he was able to support us both. Where is he now?

I kept to the road for mile after mile, a few roadkill Walkers to tell me I was going the right direction. It's not like there is much cars on the go on these roads. I'd be lucky to see a living person.

The Apocalypse isn't all 'God believers' get saved and sinners die, because good people have died. Good people who have risked their lives for others have lost theirs. Whether it's a disease or not I don't know. All I do know is that they arn't people anymore. I only put faith in myself, nothing else.

The sun began to dip into the horizon and Judith yawned and gargled softly. The sky was turning from orange to purple and I knew we needed to move.

"We better find somewhere to stay."

I did what I usually did and dipped into the forest in search of somewhere to sleep, usually a good tree, but I have a baby now and I can't risk dropping her off the tree. Knowing me I would do that. It took an hour or so of searching but I came across an old secluded cabin.


I plucked the gun out of it's holster and put my back to the cabin wall, tapping on the wood to attract any Walkers inside. Thankfully, it was empty. It was small, only a few rooms at most. It would only have held one or two people.

I stepped inside and blocked the door with an old wooden chair.

It's short but they will get progressivly longer when I settle into the story. Just takes me awhile.

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