Chapter 26

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The Walkers continued to flood into Terminus, the fire taking some of them in it's path of destruction. I could see the small outlined figure of Carol up on the hill above with her sniper. It had been clear she shot the tank. Walkers fell to he ground infront of me, I was thankful of Carol's skill.

I unsheathed my machete and gripped it hard between the palms of my hands. The guards of Termius were either being eaten, or mostly dead. I could see Gareth and a few more fleeing from the scene through another door away from the masacre infront of them.

I inhaled deeply, taking down Walker after Walker that came in my path. There was so many, if I didn't have Carol I would surely be long dead. I sprinted to the red containers, holding my machete high. The sun was beating down on my skin and I was becoming more and more tired, but I would never let that get in the way. A Walker grinding it's yellow teeth, the stench of decay eminating off it's undead corpse stood before me and my friends, family. I let out a battle cry and ran forward, slicing my machete into the dead skull of the Walker.

I breathed out and wiped the sickly spray of blood from my face. The doors to the containers were locked shut, it was an old and rusty lock, hardly the kind you would use to lock up prisoners, but it's not like there was much selection at this time. I swung out my machete with all my might and crashed it into the rusty metal lock, it didn't give, but it cracked. I swung harder and the metal lock dropped to the ground with a thud. With one slide, the door gave and I came face to face with some petrified detainees.

"Lauren?" Daryl gasped and engulfed me in a tight hug.

"Daryl, leave this till later, we're about to get overrun." I mumbelled and he nodded.

"I need to get our weapons from inside. Lauren tell them where to go. We need to leave. Now." Rick ordered and assembled his own team to go in search of the weapons.

I nodded abruptly and gestured for everyone to follow. From what I saw, nobody was missing. I began to jog towards the exit of Terminus, making sure I was keeping everyone safe. The Walkers were okay to handle, but the group behind us was growing in number.

"Maggie, take them to the gate quickly, I'll hold these off for awhile, go." I ordered and Maggie nodded sadly. I watched them jog into the distance only leaving dust in their wake.

I screamed, trying to attract as much Walkers as I possibly could. The group took their sights off Rick's group and the retreating group Maggie was leading to safety. I cursed when I saw how many there was, at least fifty. I ran as fast as I could to the other side of Terminus. The Walkers followed, to my distain. I was hoping they would just stop. Maggie had surely got to safety by now.

I slid my machete into my belt and jumped up onto the green metal gate. I used up my last reserves of energy to pull myself higher, barely missing a bite to my calf. I threw myself over the fence and landed with a loud thud. The ground wasn't exactly comfortable. I groaned and rolled onto my back. The Walkers piled up at the fence, which was holding fine. They growled and moaned, yellow liquid bubbling from their dead mouths.

I breathed out and got to my feet, ordering myself to keep moving. It was just so hard to keep going. My muscles ached with pain. I'm alive. I can go and find Carl. I willed myself to move, dipping into the forest. I had to get far away from this place, or I would die. I walked further and further into the forest, my rucksack carrying the only supply of food I had left.

I saved them. I can find them, it can go back to the way it was back at the house. Carl, Judith and me, we could be happy again, with no problems. Couldn't we? I smiled to myself and trudged through the leaves.

"Where do you think you're going?" I stiffened at the sound of a voice and the familiar click of a handgun preparing to kill.

My body went ridgid and I turned myself around slowly, to meet the floppy brunette head of Gareth. His hand was shaking, his breathing irratic, filled with hatred.

"Y-You killed her. Didn't you!" He screamed, his voice bearing sadness and hatred.

"I did. You're the butcher or you're the cattle." I quoted, sucking in a deep breath. Gareth did something unexpected and advanced, driving the butt of his handgun into my skull. The world began to spin and all I could see was the end of the gun pointed at my head.

Gareth's face held a smile. The sky became darker and black spots clouded my vision. I breathed out and willed my eyes to stay open. The throbbing pain in my head was becoming too much.

The only thing I saw was a Walker sinking it's teeth into Gareth's neck. His tortured screams filling the void.

The decayed undead lifing it's gaze from Gareth to me was the last thing I could see. The last thing I could hear was the chattering of it's teeth, ready to kill.

Then I blacked out.

I learned a lot during my time in the dead world.
Kill the dead. Fear the living.

Remember our promise.


This is not the end. Just the end of part one XD I'll continue on in this book, I wont write a sequel, maybe I will, havent planned that far yet.

I'll update the next chapter part soon :)

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