Chapter 17

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I shook Carl awake once dawn set into the sky.

"Can you take Judith today?" I asked Carl and he nodded before wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug.

"What was that for?" I giggled lightly.

"You just looked like you needed a hug."

I gave him the 'yeah that was totally the reason' stare. Carl blushed and I laughed, pulling him to his feet.

He strapped Judith in her carrier and we packed up our things, leaving no trace of ourselves behind at the camp.

Carl was chirpy today and I didn't mind that in the slightest, everything seemed to be falling into place and all we needed now was a house. Somewhere to take care of Judith.

Carl and I walked side by side down the train tracks and into the future. I have a good feeling about how today will turn out.

The walk was long but it was nothing but peaceful and relaxing. Judith gurgled happily in her carrier, strapped to Carl's chest, and I kissed her head.

"How old is she, Carl?" I asked.

"Um.. about eight or nine months at this stage."

"We should teach her to walk soon." I smiled and poked Judith's belly, earning a huge smile from the small child, and a giggle.

The sun was high, showing it was about midday at most. I saw a group of Walkers up ahead and I tensed. There was only about five or so.

"I'll take care of these, you just stick close incase I get into trouble." I whispered to Carl then jogged up close to the Walker's with my machete in hand.

I gripped the machete as I got nearer to the Walkers and I began to pick them off one by one. The Walkers advanced and I stepped back, stabbing each of them in the head.

"Lauren, watch out!" Carl yelled and before I could register his words I was knocked to the ground by one of the undead.

The Walker was pressing down on me, it's jaw inching closer and closer to my neck. I could practically feel it's teeth grazing against the tender skin on my neck.

This is the end.

It was like everything flashed before my eyes, the hardships, the falls, the happiness. Most of the happy moments included Carl. He was what made me happy. If I didn't make it out of that prison with him, my story would be a lot different.

The jaws of the Walker snapped shut over and over again, each time getting closer to my neck. I heard a loud bang and the Walker fell motionless on top of me. I pushed the Walker off me and rolled away, gasping for my breath.

"Carl." I gasped and pulled myself into a standing position.

Carl was pacing back and forth with his handgun clasped between his fingers.

"Carl? Are you okay?" I asked.

"Am I okay? Lauren you nearly died!"

Carl seemed to snap and he took off into a full sprint straight into the forest.

"What. The. Actual. Fuck." I groaned and followed Carl into the forest.

"Carl! Where the hell are you? Are you finished freaking out! I'm fine!" I yelled.

I heard no answer as I jogged into the green forest. I looked around confused. He had a baby, he couldn't have gone that far.

"Carl come on!" I let out a frustrated scream and kicked the nearest tree. It probably wasn't a good idea because I may have broken a toe.

I groaned and swept through the trees, crunching leaves and snapping twigs with every step I took.

"Carl! Please answer me!"

I slumped down against an old tree trunk and picked at my nails. It was completely silent only for the small gurgle that came from a few meters away.

I shot up into a standing position and slowly walked through the trees. I really didn't know what got into Carl. He just completely freaked out and ran off into the forest, which is a really stupid idea. He could get himself and Judith killed so easily.

I got closer and closer to the source of the noise and sure enough Carl sat against an old oak tree. His hat sitting low on his head so I couldn't see his face.

He noticed me standing infront of him and his electric blue eyes shot up to meet mine.

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